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tv   Municipal Transportation Agency 92016  SFGTV  September 24, 2016 7:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> okay good afternoon. ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the tuesday, september 20, 2016, of the san francisco municipal transportation agency board of supervisors and call the roll director brinkman
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director borden director heinecke director hsu director nolan director ramos director rubke mr. chairman directors you have quorum please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones, please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room meeting room responsible for the ringing or use of a cell phone, pager, or other similar sound-producing electronic devices. item 4 approval of the minutes for motion to approve and second >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it. ms. bloomer ladies and gentlemen, because of the interest in item 11 we're going to go immediately to item 8 the and come back tends and do
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the director's report and the other things mr. chairman. >> we need to advise folks there is an overflow room and standing is not allowed so anyone standing needs to go to the north light court. >> plenty of time to come up and speak everyone needs to go you need to leave the room if you don't say where a seat and people back there, too okay. >> so members of the public if you could please make your way to the north lighted court members of the public who are standing please make your way into the north light court. >> we'll not start until you do okay. >> yes. he's okay. >> go ahead. >> and okay.
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>> okay ms. bloomer citizens counselor advisory report a. >> good afternoon chairman. >> i want to present the motions that we adopt on our september 1st meeting. >> the first motion is that the magnifying cac urges the mta to work with the infrastructure rec and park department to put in a crosswalks across martin luther king drive those motions has to do with with the presentation on vision zero that we received at the meeting next motion whereas the mayor's executive director directive on
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achieving concession calls for an analysis of targeted improvements to improve safety for amongst others seniors and people with disabilities therefore the mta cac recommended that expended expanded enforcement including the requirement to parking control officers site all on site with no exception and not just in response to complaints 9 enforcement of sidewalk parking agree central element of vision 2025 r vision zero plan and third motion on the subject since the california traffic safety credits 80 percent of collisions for driver inattention especially cypress the sfmta cac urges the distransacted driving be added to the focus on the 5
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next motion cac urges the sfmta and r pd to evaluate the conditions for bicyclists at all intersections in all city parks finally the mta cac recommend that the agency strive to graduate enough drivers from the training program in advance of training programs in advance of planned service requirements. >> that's it. >> thank you mr. chairman members of the board questions or comments thank you for your thoughtful recommendation and mr. chairman consent calendar commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests mr. chairman in member of the public has asked a consent calendar item be severed. >> motion to approve. >> all in favor, say i.
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>> i. >> that motion carries if you item 11. >> for the amendment of the transportation for the transit between 1 avenue and 46 well-being westbound adapting the monitoring the program for the conditional of approval for the traffic modifications along the muni tara very well transit corridor you'll not read today. >> good afternoon. decorations sharon kennedy the transit manager of the sfmta okay. so figure out the - >> there we go as terryville is a corridor is one of the highest ridershipship over thirty thousand riders a day a distinction of being one of the foe transit corridors or
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lighting corridor in the country that allows them to ride in a space this picture in front of you people on and off the train in the street that is 19th street we have to go to get off the train for the hospital aside from the l there is also reliability issues and travel time issues with a portion of line it stops essentially every block a .32 block stretch and at average stops every block and steps a little bit less than two blocks and one stops every block in 2018 there will be a major rehabilitation and city repair project along the corridor they're going to be replacing infrastructure underground and as well above ground and
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underground will be water and sewer when we are proposing they put it back with two transportations goals in mind with the vision zero goal of up to zero pedestrian death by 2024 the projects i'll speak on is related to those issues 7 or 8 years ago we establishment the planning phase with the environmental process and we heard about what can, duplicate with the l and moved muni forward the implementation false of the program and last september did a survey to make sure we reaffirmed what we heard along the corridor and our own data there is liability issues and people are concerned for
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their safety on and off the train and a medication of infrastructure things like the rail a lot of noise when the train is here basically reaffirmed. >> with that, information we developed a proposal that has elements go budgeted into 5 or 6 seethes safety, 40 o 40 0i8dz to approve the safety along the corridor as well as pedestrian goals we're not concentrating on the job on transit but the wider vision zero goals and proposing pedestrian safety improvements along the corridor and third the transit reliable traffic signals and lanes have a pedestrian benefit and then stop removal i'll get into in a minute like i
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mentioned we started did process last september with a small group focus group and held a number of ways and different types of outreach pop up over houses and regular open houses anyone in the community can come and worked with the supervisors and small group meetings and did a 126 thousand mailing telling people what is in the project and how we got to what we are and we at the meetings did spanish and cantonese speakers available as well as the approved material and through the outreach we've heard a lot of things people like and not like if you look at the table notice we basically have changed all the elements to some degree based on the community outreach
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i'll go into detail on several of these but touch on these one traffic signals we had proposed 11 stop signs some overflow room were proposed to replace the stop signs with the traffic signals that allows the train to move a little bit better through the corridor and but we heard a lot of from the communities that traffic signals didn't fit with the community especially so the revised has 5 and 11 traffic signals are property from 20 east so nothing west of 28 and want to talk about accessibility if you are a person that has mobility issues the l is a tough line there are over 36 places where you can assess the train
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on and off the train is we had originally proposed based on engineering work with our mac and be accessibility services a group of mta to put two key stops along the corridor and there was another location that we needed to make work we worked through engineering issues and added a third location so we're proposing 5 locations along the corridor so i wanted to get into a few more specifics on some of the larger issues one is safety this map shows where people have been hit in the last 5 years on and off the train that's 23 people and 46 people have been hit on the line in general and we're proposing 40 hours of transit stops but the proposal is much more than that we have 32 block
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increase or sector along terryville and proposing improvements at 23 blocks for pedestrian safety and by the time you put that with the projects we're working on we touched 31 directs on the corner with pedestrian safety improvements in support of vision zero wanted to just go over the boarding islands so people know what we're talking about people have different ideas in this case what is showing up on the top 23 on terryville and the bottom is a new island that was conducted open n judah they allow and support not getting into driveways their descend where the boarding island will be and allows for emergency
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responder issues and mountain ability we've heard a number of other ideas besides just the boarding elements and many of these are great and excited to it is stuff we're adding to the proposal for the boarding islands the 3 workers enforcement, education and engineering you know the boarding islands are an aspect we're adrc to the enforcement and education aspect working closely with the merchants in the corridor to educate people during the pilot i'll talk about that more in a minute and working with the terryville police department area has been excellent she's a strong proernt of vision zero and already started enforcing in
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enforcement campaigns at 19th street and stewart for the people and she's going to working closely with the pilot period you'll talk about additionally at the pilot locations very visible presence on the street one-half already heard from the community a great idea of adding led lights to the back of the train so had the doors open hey people can tell i better slow down and those lights are flashing we're putting these on the train and rolling out in the next several months so even though the original proposal included a one for one parking basically parking trade off obviously the trade off roving the off-street parking parking and replace those we're proposing to lose with the boarding islands and still
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concerns from the merchants loading on the street in front of their businesses we developed a criteria to look at locations where maybe a full boarding island was not the initial needed step so we looked at 3 things in this criteria one that nobody what have been hit in the area in the last 5 years so no history of pedestrians being struck, two had to be a few a allow number of lighting we defined three hundred in a corridor that's a super low number so for the day not per hour but three hundred per day and that's basically that space can urban design used for loading by politically the criteria 5 locations in bound that will support the criteria the basic ideas when you look at
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on the 23 people that were struck getting off train 22 were in the out bound direction getting off the train is more dangerous than on we're proposing this pilot to maintain the access for the businesses but also for safety goals many of those ideas you'll see other than the screen are coming from the community the flashing lights on the back of the led and increasing the budget strikes we're increasing that by 4 times the size and look at it went to the state of california and got lane markings i was talking about this was a unique situation let alone california letting people off in the street in the california traffic
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control and asked for permission and say stop ahead a train loading area and doubling the size of the sign it says loading area during the mrirlt like i said a enforcement working closely that the terryville pd and getting the information how to drive around the boarding loading and unloading trains the real crux the evaluation is compliance right now state law that you have to stop behind a train that has open doors and only it out of 3 drivers do that 6 of percent are complying with the law and 35 percent not the idea to increase inclines at the locations and so over the next of months we'll be looking at the inclines 4 how to drive up
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the compliance with the goal of 90 percent in go six months those locations are boarding island locations now for the location that are not in the pilot we are proposing this early implementation clear zone idea basically, not wait until 2021 that boarding islands are offered those are not as good as boarding islands not to be in the clear zone not offering protection if someone is not paying attention they can drive there it, it is paint but gives that break and allows people to get off the train they don't have to worried about a car at the last minute by the way, there is a picture in the lower part of slide that shows this is
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implemented on the sprsh line we've heard from the community they want everything as a pilot we're not concerning this a mrirlt this is full implementation your locations we're proposing and boarding islands we come through right now like i said trying to get the pedestrian safety but those are not pilot locates from our stand point they - that said, of course, there can be and will be monitoring with that tweaks we can make and changes to the design going through the process but not calling those a pilot. >> so shifting gears a little bit to stop spacing as you can see there's an bar chart here the far left bar is l stop
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station on the surface and seven hundred feet per stop on average comparing that to the far too bars one the far too local and the 38 local bus service is popular with the bus lines both have quite a bit further distance between the average stops than the existing l with the proposal i'll go into more detail in a minute with our proposal we're still going this is the second bar we'll still be nine hundred 20 average feet along the corridor our substantiated is one and 50 feet we're allocate bear minimum the the threshold this is a average that begs the question of the
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out liars from the small distance that people have to walk 3 or 5 hundred spacing i'll show 13 hundred feet between 22 and 26 and so 13 hundreds fiat like i said, the substandard is 15 hundred excuse me - and out of there are 15 stops we're proposing to retain along the l out of those 8 will be below our nine hundred threshold we're talking about relatively closely spaced stops and referenced other places around the country portland notice has 3 thousand physically on average between the stops a local example mta has about 35 hundred fiat continue those stops, of course, you know we're not them and
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never recommend 3 thousand feet but point out that as an example what other cities have done this is a map of the actual locations the blue dashlz represeboardings the green circles are locations one-half originally proposed to remove through the community has to retain and then the red locations obviously are the stops we're proposing for proposing to remove. >> and then shifting garners one time to lastly the transit only lane i know daily traffic along the terryville is fairly well when you look at the cross section irving and two lanes both of those street have more
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traffic than terryville and additionally talking with the transit operators that drive this everyday and deal with people coming in and out of lanes they come up to the stop signs and wait for two or three people that stop and start again with one and 80 people on the train imagine that is not comfortable for the operator a transit only lane offers more extended space and improves the reliability of line and has a pedestrian safety in the space so but we have heard under from the community and as well as the supervisor we know that people are worried about an additional drive to the side streets and so we're planning to work and evaluate this over the next 6 months what happened to the side
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street traffic so don't is a level of service on terryville go down we're looking at evaluating those ideas as we implement the transit lines. >> so to wrap up today's legislation we have two categories pedestrian safety and transit reliability but the projects we're presented today represent pretty much a vastly different proposal than a year ago bans the community concerns this balances all the various needs not on the street rirlt well and you know 49 wins vision zero pedestrian boubz and the traffic enhancement so early implementation and the pilot
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we're looking at probably mid january before that will happen and like i said a 6 month period of looking at things during if time and evaluating how things are working with the trade off of the 5 locates and then the full project goes under construction right now anticipated or planned to go into construction early 2018 that is roughly a to year structural go window for this project so that's all today unless there are questions. >> thank you members of the board any clarification questions if not two members thank you to representative. >> i just mr. kennedy one quick question the captain has talked about you can you elaborate on the involvement of police and fire and what they
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think of the details. >> the fire sf fire department working closely with deputy chief lombardi to look at the plans for the boarding islands that meets his ideas and specs and there are comfortably with that and went out with 25 frermz and apparatus on the street and tried it out and made design modifications and their comfortable with the design of those islands as if it allows for mid-town should there be fires in the intersections and so the pd they we have meeting for every task internally and they're at the meetings not having any issues at this point and since then reached out to
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terryville specifically and they've been nothing but supportive and like i said started the enforcement with 19th street and where the most accidents i daresay i'm interested and xiefrtd to get it going and rolling that outline to the full corridor in concert with the rest of the corridor. >> so thank you for the good presentation i know we'll hear in the public two quick questions along the stopgap between 22 and 26. >> in the in bound. >> those radio flat blocks to the best of my knowledge and you'll get our chance. >> number two on the enforcement issue when you showed the picture it remind me
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of the school bus is it possible to have a stop sign or device on the l l r v when the law says the driver is to stop. >> we have technical concerns ranking from when you go through the tunnel it might get ripped off. >> a sign lit up. >> the sign for the l l v that will be able to do that it is quite a bit different than a school bus they go over the curve and let's people off on the right-hand side the travel lane so cars are going by on the left side and it is different from people standing in the street. >> i know director nolan the steps are down and if there is a lit flashing sign on the back
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the train not illuminated before you'll get more drivers attention. >> we're looking at that and actually that was the very thing i think that led the community to ask for the flashing lights on the doors but adding the sign will be a good thing. >> any represent. >> yes. mr. chairman from commissioner sanchez and supervisor yee's office are here. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon i'm ashl i'm ashley legislative aide you've received a letter from her i'd like to start by thapg the small business owners who took time to talk about this proposal your office like to thank sfgovtv staff that conducted community outreach and finally to the sfmta board of directors for the testimony of
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those here today, this project has the potential foreign the 4r50ib89d and pedestrian safety for our communities are priorities for our office while an overall saving time other residents don't want the stops removed this is an opportunity for pedestrian safety and the impacts go small businesses all of those concerns are valid we must move forward with the proposal that benefits as many community folks as possible and talks about the robust process after several large community members of the committee your office working closely with the staff to look at focus meetings and brought together stakeholders small business owners and represent of the people with disabilities and represent from the pedestrian safety and bicycle advisory community block by block over a series of meetings for the boarding and signals and parking
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and transit only lanes and stop consolidation after those meetings sfmta adjust their pilot program and notified 16 thousand folks to the zip code that is a link to an online web nor overall we were pleased with the process and community members spent hours not that i'm aware of folks and most of issues with the board of supervisors island and traffic signals and traffic signals i'd like to touch on all safety is non-negotiable that terryville is part of a network supervisor tang is supportive of the island along terryville street we working closely with the merchants and supported them in many, many ways and want to see those businesses thrive given the configuration boarding
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islands will assure the safety of boarding passengers supervisor tang asks that sfmta conduct a comprehensive parking study along terryville street some have no parking meters and addressing - this comprehensive parking study can restore the parking spaces. >> sfmta staff also proposed a pilot programs that is to educate people on when passengers are on and off the train we ask for a ask commodity solution no substitute for safety our office will be that's a great question the outcomes closely and supervisor katie tang would like to see the stops along the route we'd like to see a proposal that has for all muni
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passengers regarding the transit only lanes we're pleased that sfmta has reduced the number of traffic lanes, however, we don't warrant the traffic signals and only the traffic lanes will improve the lanes supervisor tang has requested to see data on the transit lanes cause traffic congestion supervisor tang would like to urge sfmta to work with the merchants to look at the communication phase and timelines and other relative information to the residents regularly to residents to adjust the infrastructure work when complete we know you have a difficult sidewalks will not pleas everybody but thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> charging listen from supervisor norman yee's office.
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>> i'm the legislative aide to supervisor yee. >> thank you for the communities coming out and mta staff for the efforts to our office and lastly, thank you to the sfmta board of directors for all the concerns could i i'm here to read a letter on behalf of supervisor norman yee dear sfmta board of directors i'll writing for the terryville project as a supervisor of the district 730 stops in particular that are located in any district and effect my constituents the 19th avenue in bound stop and the 15 avenue in bound stop my priority has been pedestrian safety and i was encouraged to hear sfmta proposals to address
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the corridors, however, with any transportation project of this scale it is circle to consider and address all the concerns all voices in our community and in may i met with merchant and community and the sfmta to understand their concerns about some of the proposed changes i also walked the corridor with community members to hear their concerns after meeting with all parties i felt to reach out to sfmta and continue to ask number 1 keep the 19th avenue to mitigate the congestion and alleviate the parking challenges and number two the 17 avenue move it to the far side location to allow seniors and people with disabilities to assess the safeway and consolidate the platform with fewer businesses effected and third keep the 15 avenue in bound stop to maintain the safety for the pedestrian
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safety i was glad that the sfmta reevaluated it in bound stop and after consulting with the san francisco fire department sfmta decided to accept any recommendation for it in bound stops on the understand, however, my suggestions keeping the 19th avenue stops and 15 avenue stops were not accepted owe irregular the sfmta board to reconsider those recommendations i'll condominium to pedestrian safety maintaining accessibility for seniors and people with disabilities and supporting small business owners therefore i urge the sfmta board to allow the early implementation proposal to be included and a 6 month pilot program for the sfmta schizophrenia re-evaluate and have community input before decision. >> ms. bloomer. >> yes. mr. chairman we have
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60 members of the public to address you because we have members of the public who have in the overflow room i will call 5 speaker cards at once so when people in the overflow room hear their name are amble opportunity and time to come up stairs the first 5 speakers (calling names). >> is julia quan here. >> good afternoon. >> hi there so my name is julia a student at cc sf and a member of the compelled
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exuberant and african-american center person i'm here it because i oppose the closure of terryville my mom we take the l i grew up in the sunset district and probably taken the l over nine hundred times and i get off think 28 and terryville at the post office i have my laptop and dog and struggling i can't imagine walking i'm aable button something can't imagine something having to go through the same thing that would be crazy to me so my whole 20 years of living on the earth i'm dedicated to giving back in need and want to speak out for the
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elder i really want to focus on you know helping those who are not able to walk the one or two blocks i could walk 60 blocks but not for those it is difficult and hear to emphasize with their voices today. >> (clapping.) >> excuse me - if we could refrain from commissioner hasz and allow people in the overflow room room to hear their names (calling names) and good afternoon board of directors i'm ralph i'm a resident and homeowners for over 35 years on the lower between 28 and 29 avenue where mta will have perpendicular parking on terryville resulting from the removal of parking spaces first of all, i want to say that
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i appreciate the work that mta work staff has done in the proposal i am a public servant and work for the puc and appreciate the work but on behalf of the residents on any block i want to express our opposition for the parking space proposal i've driven by the streets and in the neighborhood their person direct or angle parking is installed and found it difficult to navigate especially long vehicles sticking out and other parallel parking on the opposite side and had to white time for the traffic on the other side to pass if i as a driver find it difficult to navigate the streets with perpendicular
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parking it is right now my wife and i have to slow easy out of our garage not able to see the ongoing traffic before our car clears the parking area if we have this this will create a dangerous situation for the garages for the perpendicular parking installed we'll interest it r have to back up beyond a parked vehicle to get a glimpse of ongoing cross traffic and only have a short distance to back up until we hit the parked cars on the other side. >> thank you. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon and hello, i'm elizabeth live on 31 avenue for generations and my daughter
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is a third generation of terryville commuter this is one of the stops property for removal and we would like to i know the - they talked about the distance the next stop being close and it is actually 2 blocks the street has different names because of boulevard i sent you a lengthy e-mail 4 bullet points when the n judah line was reengineered 20 years ago i don't know how many of you remember that but basically killed commerce on those stretches of n judah and those streets are dead zoned that certainly is in empathy with the merchants on terryville and the second point a lot of this is an effort to save 2 minutes within
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west portal but those people that are at the stops and other speakers spoke lovrnt those people still needs to board and brard it takes time so you send people 4 to 6 minutes and a i'm a daily terryville commuter they still have to board and still need to get on the big place where savings are made at west portal an egregious delay getting in and out of tunnel thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon. >> thank you. >> i'm a president of the
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merchant successors and the people for transit i'm also a residence of terryville street on behalf of the my association i'd like to request a not make a final rulings today we've spent a lot of time working on the issue many meetings with sfmta about our pilot program please allow the entire prelims to be a pilot program like the streets for 6 months to evaluate this change and after 6 months have several meetings with the community to see a joint design with sfmta we had a question because we know boarding island is including safety and it is very important to us but many things we can do i have not seen mta
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educating our residents our riders or drivers we should be educating children and adults so tell them you know how to ride and watch out and posters should be in school on the bus and maybe recorded announcements should be used for people getting out of the car to watch out those things are not being done and flash lights and lines on the streets many things can be done and having a platform of over two hundred parking spaces we have about the long walks the people will not go to shop on the streets businesses will fall and jobs will be lost and - >> thank you.
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>> next speaker, please. >> thank you. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> hello i've had a small business an attorney value and 47th avenue for 20 years i want to urge to delay a final vote until the pilots i want you to consider the enormous impact on the community that doesn't want the changes live and work on terryville and are with all due respect to mr. kennedy no enforcement thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon, sir. >> hello my name is mr. shower
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llgd on terryville for 26 years i know the neighborhood intimating this is kind of like everything is going baugsdz we need to put the proper signs or signals flagging out on the back of the streetcar that should have been done years ago the street should be marked so people know when and how to get on and off every part of plan didn't make sense because you have transit only which is impractical for this street and have signal lights it make a business district illegal to jaywalk and destroy the feeling the place taking out stops for people is not a benefit for the neighborhood because all those stops saves a little bit of time to take them out that is
7:49 pm
ridiculous okay. so almost everything in the proposal and make sense except for putting a sign on the back of the streetcar and marking the curve the roadway somewhere where people get off the temporary island is a bad idea for mta sneaking through the final proposal mr. kennedy said they wanted to do that has a way to implement the whole thing this pilot thing is in the meant to be an option we're getting screwed we're told we're going to do this anyway and the final plan not collaboratively with the community almost nothing he mentioned is exactly what we did equipped for the flashing lights other than that we've not been left hand two.
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>> (clapping.) again ladies and gentlemen, we need to hear the names called (calling names). >> my family owns oceanside sheet metal and seven years in business i want to say that we've worked closely with the staff of mta shawn kennedy and thought we reached some kind of an in between we have not the process the small businesses will get harmed they will we are the trees that make this escape viable for the communities are we good morning, and welcome to the regular meeting of the cut down one by 1 and mission street is a good example i'll asking that the early implementation i'm hearing
7:51 pm
6 months and 6 months why can't the early transit lanes limitations the parking the whole thing be evaluated i'm asking to not put a stamp on this thing let this thing run through 6 months now i'm the one that came up with the lights on the train i'm on inadvertent they're used in the medical field and i've got a lot more ideas i am came up with and working with mr. haley he's the one that adapted this idea i'd like for you to consider what we're saying and to really please feel what we're going through thank you. >> thank you 234e79 >> (clapping.) >> and
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(calling names). >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. my name is nancy i'm the author of open ed in sundays examiner about the trust between us today you have the option to domestic violence for a safety experience those on terryville you can postpone the prelims for the actions listed in item 11 in favor of enclosing a pilot program for the plans the letter sent to those in zip code 94156 told us the will pilots will be evaluated for 6 months and if successful the board of supervisors islands will not be necessary and the impacts to the transit only bike lanes will be evaluated for the
7:53 pm
necessary adjustment in the mitigations for the first place this the perpendicular will be proposed without traffic guidelines in brand new changes to the side streets must be adds for evaluation and made a commitment for a pilot program went up deserve to have unresolved issues work out before you do the changes proposed and evaluation is period for the mta plans is meaning also, if you right thing to do them we'll only you believe your sincere if you have not signed off the execution of proposed traffic modifications and chances to the transportation code keep your word and louse allow us to - pressure us into a prematurity
7:54 pm
mta project that forces us to fight each other let's work >> (clapping.) >> >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> mr. chin not here. >> okay elizabeth - then (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> hi i'm elizabeth rogers i've lived on 21st avenue between terryville more than 25 years i'm 71 years old and had physical issues over the years one of the benefits of living in the wonderful neighborhood has been the l terryville a block from my house i'm speaking in strong opposition to the removal of out bound transit stop which i call the colonel sanders stop on 22 avenue i frequently come to the civic center so for the
7:55 pm
music events and come home between 11 and 12 on the l terryville if i'm forced to get off on 19th avenue i'll not or getting off others 24th street do i have to go in the dark to get to any house the option i can drive to the service center and drive to west portal and take up some of the neighborhood parking there this is not a grateful at this point either this is just not an option for me i'm very angry and i think the suggestions so for putting often the lights as a signs on the back of bus are great i'm a former teacher when i get off the street and look at the cars
7:56 pm
it usually gets me off the bus don't close down the stop thank >> (clapping.) >> >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon good afternoon i'm ellen i live on 22 avenue and i'm a career san francisco san francisco unified school district teacher this is the death of terryville street in its final approval now let's try the 6 month pilot program and keep all the stops and do nothing permanent we have hills not a straight shot but on 22 after the hill works fine we don't need that boarding thing that is in the middle now i can stand in front of the shop and look to my left and see coming
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up the hill the coming to 22 in front of kentucky fried chicken see the l coming down the hill to have that concrete thing in the middle will not help and most people choose to wait in front of the stores and safely walk out to the muni the 24 avenue idea really i wish because i get off anothers 22 avenue about midnight after the opera house i barely make it down to the hill to my house it you eliminate that stop i have to go to 24 and trudge up a hill by a dark acre and take any chances of trying to get across the street to home we don't need
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bulb outs they're other ways to give good handicap assess please do not approve this we'll keep it as the past 4 two years when i rode thank you >> (clapping.) >> >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. my name is berry i've been living in the sunset district since 1978 and bought a house along the a block along the l line in 1990 i've been a rider of terryville for the last 56 years it is amazing this project talks about transit liability and being able to speed things up for people i've never had a problem with getting down when i had an office on
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market street never a problem how many minutes i might save if you know this is just not a factor in many ways i look at this project as enormous enlist to the developers that are building those condominiums at the end of the terryville line so you can over those people that minutes time savings this is crazy every other individual that had their stops removed is now going to take extra time no matter downtown or west portal or the safeway i'm afraid as a transit advocate that people will change to someone indicated to ride rather than taking public transit as mr. kennedy was saying frequently the train stops ever block excuse me - every other block and you're going to do you believe that to
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4 blocks being the average this is crazy it is discouraging people from riding transit and the last 20 seconds the comment you want to put in the transit only lanes that's absurd we don't need them i'll waiting to see the back up on 19th avenue as people wait for pedestrians to >> thank you, sir >> (clapping.) >> (calling names). >> good afternoon, board. >> can we get the microphone down there a little bit? good afternoon >> good afternoon mta directors director reiskin and staff i'd like to thank you for your well-thought-out community outreach and discussion on this controversial project i'm joanne
8:01 pm
the director at the mayor's office of disabilities and represent the concerns of many seniors and people with disabilities particularly the mobility and visible impairment recently my office had a number of instances of pedestrians were let off in the streets and impacted by car - careful car drivers one of them resulting in a minor incident and breaking their - you can imagine how close and terrifying to get off the bus where you'll make that home or not and i was a former commuter of l terryville and having two stops for the entire corridor is
8:02 pm
not exactly what the integration mandated i'm encouraged to see the assessable stops more than doubted with this project even if it means i would have less parking unfortunately, i understand this is not a popular position but like to urge you for your full support of this project and your vote today for the benefits of seniors and people with disabilities one small note when evaluating the consolidation and avoid the hills that will impact the seniors and disabilities thank you for your >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> hi good afternoon. i'm a
8:03 pm
resident of sunset of the first and fifth grader and my family lives off the line a bicyclist and taxpayer this project this is a pilot project not go far enough we need to install all the boarding islands on the l in fact, the project itself should be implemented just to be in compliance with the mayor's driveway that requires that high injury corridors should be safe as possible and the installation of all the boarding islands meets this requirement i hope that essentially any children will soon us the terryville to go to their soccer practices and i'll be a parents reassured a boarding islands that he has a safe place both sons can cross the street and go to their
8:04 pm
stoifts i've heard the protests about the loss of parking spaces and on the car related infrastructure however, i hope that communicating committee or the mta will think better about that in terms of implementing all the stops and make sure this water down plan didn't essentially we're listing essentially lives we're talking about the parking spaces verse the people getting off trains you urge you to make our streets safely not only for myself and my family but people that purchase the hopes homes in 2, 3, 4 >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names) and good afternoon. thank you director i'm scott i work with livable city we work on land use
8:05 pm
issues including supporting small businesses and creating housing and open space and better transportation i'm a daily transportation rider i'm here on behalf of livable city to ask you to forget this project with the boarding islands on all l stops as an individual i recognize this is a passionate issue for residents for merchants and terryville users i want to feel safe when i step off the train and want to be safe when i hit the boulevard or eat i don't want to worry about about my disabled mother and know my family's and friends that live along and near the line to be in danger as a policy advocate i view the projections all over the world and see what
8:06 pm
works and fails that terryville is a high injury corridor people are injured into a traffic lane and accidents happen this way i know that 3 out of 4 people go by transit and not by car as well as walking and bicycling i know that you and the mayor and several other agencies have committed and adopted vision zero but yet to eliminate the traffic injuries you know the boarding islands work paint and signs don't work they're a failure of a compromise that will result in collisions and injuries we shouldn't be he relocating parking spots with improved safety mta staff we look to the
8:07 pm
boarders leadership thank you. >> 234e79 (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> hold on one second. >> okay good afternoon board members and staff thank you for having me, i'm with the senior and disability action how long i've been in the city 38 years until i afford the relents i'm familiar with terryville and many of the members are familiar with terryville and many members don't go down terryville not assessable so for them to hydrologist at 19th street and terryville a lot of members that
8:08 pm
won't go counsel there it is dangerous so we're quite happy well, we're happy you're taking the first step and making terryville more assessable we need more platforms we need more accessibility yes. that will cost parking spaces and their needs to be figured out how to do that what we do need taking away stops not that's one of the main things we've fought i fought for years first with the mta stops are very important for us a lot of people can't walk more than a block the definition of paratransit not in you walk 4 blocks so taking away stops you're taking away accessibility and providing another hand didn't workout that
8:09 pm
well, we support 24 first step but as a step and a pilot idea very good little details to work out never get it right the first time. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon. ms. rogers. >> good afternoon directors i'm alice rogers with the vision zero coalition and also a resident the south park and south beach and commends you for looking at the highest quality pedestrian safety improvements and encourage you to go forward with those including all of the board of supervisors islands it is just two important that all of the residents of terryville stay alive and the shorter at the terryville stores can shop
8:10 pm
there and stay alive i'm a resident of south park and central soma and what this is to me we know from the waterfront transportation assessment that more than 25 percent of cars are very congested streets in south beach are from the neighborhoods we need our neighbors to be encouraged to take transit and want that transit to be safe and reliable and want it to be fast >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. mr. wong. >> hello good afternoon i'm here to support the l
8:11 pm
attorney value safety improvement i basically lead by 46 and rivera so for me to get on the platform i need to drive myself 7 bus stops in order to get do the wayside park at the zoo it is basically a switch back and not equitable as far as equal rights to braid any bus stops every other passenger can board so i want to proposal to go forward and as far as the boarding islands i'm in favor of that because what was said about
8:12 pm
the blind people not able to see the cars i've heard through friends which are blind that ask me they get hit because they can't see where the cars are approaching so, so having those board of supervisors israel will certainly help there was another thought but i forgot anyway, i want more assessable board of supervisors 0i8d for the people with disabilities thank you >> . >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon.
8:13 pm
>> adam greenfield transit advocate i remember i got off the l line on terryville i couldn't believe i was crossing a street to get to the sidewalk it seemed like madness i'm happy 24 project is going ahead and ask you to be uncompromising vision zero is official san francisco policy and there is no, but after safety safety is an absolute we need transit and boarding islands and concrete island at every stop we need to add amenities make them more pollutant i think that terryville can improve that has a place to gather and attract people and local businesses too
8:14 pm
so i urge you to don't compromise on vision zero, don't put the lives and safety of people at risk let's go for the best we can get >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon ms. indicating. >> i'm ms. casey petitions over 6 hundred drivers that don't want the stops eliminated today, i turn in another 4 hundred for petitioning every can i i have to delete the removal of l terryville and add terryville buses immediately to speed up the rush hour i ask those petitions urban design sent in an e-mail to you after
8:15 pm
many riders told the staff from 2 to 3 minutes they saved it was ensignificant so for the hardship staff tluldz that the time salesforce would allow for greater recovery in the system but - there were two projects in the tunnel that saves time without conveniently the l riders using we suggest you use the 12 minutes to be covered from details without effecting the l riders by removing i ask you don't vote final approval today but instead approve the early implementation this is as a 6 month pilot keeping our l stops like delores and want to
8:16 pm
add that removing the stops with the safeway they'll not have to walk harder and people they'll have to walk two blocks favorite they go downhill to 19th street and walk that dangerous intersection with their grocery bags and the staff - >> thank you . >> (clapping.) >> and margaret (calling names) >> (clapping.) >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> my name is margaret i support keeping all the l terryville stops when you take into account the extra time to walk the extra bloukz you've lost the salesforce your spending the money and causes a hardship for seniors and disabled don't vote final
8:17 pm
approval today as a result of january 2017 early implementation of so many boarding islands and no physical construction costing millions of dollars the terryville has a unique opportunity for the changes prior to the construction of 2018 as a result i ask the early implementation be approved on is a 6 month pilot program like last month on delores street keeping all the l stops the 6 month pilots give the communities and mta to experience the proposed changes and evaluate what works and what didn't prior to the construction of 2018 after the 6 months we've proposing that the mta conduct outreach from supervisor yee, supervisor tang and pops and save our terryville stops and
8:18 pm
other communities members and help us to conduct the outreach the goal to develop a revised project to better serve the needs of terryville to be brought back for final approval it is hard to get it right before spending $20 million of taxpayer money. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. my name is a lynn miller i'd like to read you some of the public comments submitted from residents that cannot attend this meeting today i frequently shop at the safeway on 17th street and terryville and observed any resident carving large loads of groceries on the terryville safeway if this stop is removed those elderly and other residents
8:19 pm
handbag at risk for falling and suffering injuries ways they will have to walk further with their heavy loads of groceries. to reach the l terryville stop lots of elder people including my own family members depend on those stops especially at the 1 i bought any home especially for they 76-year-old mother she is has arthritis as several people around the neighborhood and i'm sure not the only one depend on this bus stop >> if stops are removed many of the elderly families and tloerldz will not be able to do their shopping or buy items for
8:20 pm
the house few people can manage carrying groceries walking blocks or holding a small child is shoppers at 17th street and safeway will have a had a right time please listen to those comments thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon. >> i'll be using the overhead. >> okay i'm here in support of postpones the decision and bring it to the board this first overhead is included in the packet the
8:21 pm
consensus this survey is the most accurate and 57 percent say a more reliable trip and 10 percent safer on on and off trains and 7 percent other this is because the community seize terryville as a safe street and bewilder on the high injury network okay second okay what the - okay. the mta is punted saying that dph develop a network bans a perplexed formula this agency priority the data to the department of health it is based on the 12 criteria where crash profiles and density the criteria are night life be
8:22 pm
viability and alternative signaled intersection and complex sdprshgz and mid block collisions and high-speed volume and pedestrian crossing begins signals and outside of crosswalks and unappreciated o go unpredictability behavior by the low agencies issue terryville should not have been included isn't high injury network thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names) >> good afternoon i'm susan on 22 i'm in the middle of where this plan will be affected i'm opposed to roving our stops and hope you'll postpone the final discussion i'm on the l for 19 years and take it down for
8:23 pm
several days a week one thing i see constantly is a lot of people will take the streetcar to avoid having to walk uphill or avoid pushing kids uphill i'm concerned about the loss many stops for the neighborhood and concerned about the huge collaborating this will have on the rest of neighborhood my street is for parallel and perpendicular and on one side and diagonal on the other i'm concerned about the additional traffic and concerned what will happen to any merchant when their parking spaces are taken away i personally have cakes over hundred people in my neighborhood and neighbors and transit riders my businesses people thirty
8:24 pm
businesses i part news between 32 and 15 the stop at the 1 should be left it is on a 2 -lane street absolutely no traffic nun all of people i've spoken to have opposed to this plan i got this tripping over a broken curb so if you have is plenty of money to spend please spend it on streets that's where it is needed. >> pardon me we're joined. >> by carmen chu so ms. chu to come forward and offer thoughts >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon to the mta board first thank you. allowing me to speak i want to number one appreciate the difficult job you have i know that any changes that the mta proposes not one that is easy nor is it often easier to be
8:25 pm
able to balance the needs you currently have and thank you for supervisor tang's office and raising some of the concerns of residents the riders and the businesses today, i am come to speak not as a supervisor, of course, but i come to speak as a private resident that has observations and concerns about the proposal first, i do want to say i support your decision to have pilots and i'm glad you heard the local businesses around the proposals you're taking efforts to evaluate how those are working before the intrusive measures i want to implore you in gather not having the solutions before you've seen the pilot and evaluate its effect fines that its been a long time coming to build trust
8:26 pm
with the community the reason you've seen so many people there are is trust with the mta and the community to make sure that their thoughts and concerns are heard and really take into account in our proposal i also want to make sure that the mta is moving forward to evaluate parking conditions not only on terryville in a comprehensive way but the side streets you've suggested a series of mitigations to deal with parking issues and traffic flows i know there mayor another options that are valuable but yet to be evaluated i have a century time that supervisor tang shares with us already on one street i live on is a passive choices they they avoid streets there are traffic bumps i want to make sure if you're putting in a permanent proposals whether perpendicular parking you think about what the impacts
8:27 pm
to those pedestrians are in those streets one of the areas you're proposing for 90 degree perpendicular a school dianne feinstein public schools to make sure we're not 3e78d them bit addressing perpendicular parking i implore you that you really think about the mitigations think about less than intrusive options for the community and finally i'll close by saying the transit only lanes i know we've put in in place we've seen the muni trains blocked i'm not sure that terryville streets it one of them and finally working hard with the businesses and residents and community terryville streets i think people are used to hearing merchant talk about the loss of parking and what that means it is saying i hear that no big
8:28 pm
deal we can mitigate that we have for a long time structural to provide the vibrancy and the traffic on terryville that helps to support our businesses when they're coming and saying they will be impacted i hope you look at that we've been struggling with that and with that, i hope you'll take our commitments into consideration thank you >> (clapping.) >> >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> >> next speaker, please. >> is ms. clark here marry p moving on. >> yeah. my name is bevy clark i appreciate. >> what's our name and leslie clark i'm a community member of
8:29 pm
mac which is the muni accessibility advisory committee those proposals such as terryville is presented to us prior to them submitting these requests from the mta we have many different types of disabled people whether their blind or hearing whatever people are in wheelchairs although this might be a somewhat inconvenience to people of the neighborhood we can appreciate that, however, the additional stops for terryville are needed and needed badly for the disability community and accessibility
8:30 pm
those are concerns and we will appreciate you thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon hi. >> i believe we've talked about the vulnerability on 19th street and terryville the dangerous corridor on the line and the busiest stops on the line and in between 17 and 22 take half of the people that have to move to 19th street and getting one thousand people a day to a total of 2800 people on
8:31 pm
19th avenue now i've seen people how many people does it take before the board of supervisors islands get two crowded i've seen people bounce on market street when the board of supervisors islands are cross-out they don't hold a lot of people 28 hundred people everyday is a lot for the board of supervisors islands to handle the whole program niece more and more evaluation - had thousand of people come out to dianne feinstein school they've learned not a lot has changed the plan was done in place and felt like we were stick there. >> now i'm in a design community i know the value of talking early to as many stakeholders and end users as we
8:32 pm
can we actually have more signatures on the petition than in the initial plan stakeholders are us the taxpayers. >> and i think if we had a reevaluation even a revote of bond measures that gave money we might have a different outcome so i beg you to re-evaluate thank you. >> 234e79 (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> my name is andrew i'm a former resident of terryville and a daily transit user and yeah, i'm in support of installing boarding islands at all l stops along terryville yeah. as a daily transit user i
8:33 pm
have many stories about any experiences all i can laugh about what is not laughable the leaves lost and the injuries happening so today, i'm here to urge you to don't compromise the vision zero. >> we need to rewrite stories and tell narratives of pretty much how sfmta has created save pedestrian environments thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names) >> herbert wiener. >> we really need deposits bus stops will create hardships and walking along distances and travel 7, 8, 9 notable will i
8:34 pm
for seniors and disabled this is a war against the weak and removing parking spaces will cause congestion on adjacent streets there are presently difficulty in parking traffic will increase on those streets to the inconvenience of neighbors and in addition businesses will be adversely impacted the board should not giver this final approval at that meeting and instead of a six months pilot project with full evaluation if the community in my opinion there should be a medical finding which this board has not instituted and it should regarding the effect of walking longer than distances on seniors and the disabled you should do this this is a melanie it and consistently
8:35 pm
grgd this this should not be implement without full consultation with all the utilized services and not tilted towards one group to the danger of another the fire and police don't discriminate you shouldn't do that >> >> (clapping.) >> (calling names) i good afternoon. >> good afternoon directors howard your staff has strurgd to think they have an agreement with the neighbors with stops less than one thousand feet think about our spaes for more than 1400 feet an 19th street and less than 5 will 14 hundred feet on mission and less than 14 hundred feet on van ness this project that is proposed has a couple of stops one of which i
8:36 pm
used more than 14 hundred feet east of 19th avenue i would say you should have both stops on the east side of 19th avenue to serve the safeway consumers their doing the right thing and make that easier than crossing 19th avenue this is a transit first city and silly to talk about one extra block of walking this is a thing that is the global warming and needs to support health and because you are structuring with the parking spaces and structuring to provide parking in the neighborhood that didn't help and people complain about that one of the things in the future it adds to a reliability more riders at those stops get on average nor quickly and a slow
8:37 pm
person on the trolley people can go over and use another stop and also in you have 14 - needs one extra stop between west of sunset and one between sunset and 19 no big deal and so you're trying to do the right thing and as a matter of fact using too many stops before i pour the concrete think about how many stops you really need. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon my name is nancy i've been a park side resident over 25 years i'm against any final approval since i see sfmta has not spent a lot of time reviewing options
8:38 pm
and many in the communities are still not aware of the proposed changes like the person perpendicular parking i'm against the perpendicular parking at the disclosing those streets are not wide enough for cars go both ways this is not only a safety issue but causing a hardship and convicted a.d. nor congestion i'm totally in favor of pedestrian safety i think there is less expensive options to consider and recommend more visible like stop handles at the back of the buses and flashing on the back of the bus and bus stops stating something along the lines of stopping for pedestrians those are less costly to spend more pedestrian bulb outs we should keep the stops in place for the
8:39 pm
disabled and seniors and families with i did not know children eliminating them doesn't save time i'll asking you to consider please to wait for final approval today >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> the first one that spoke. >> kathy is she here? >> kathy no joel is mr. rubinstein here? >> good morning. >> i'm joel a pedestrian a cyclist and motorcyclist and my wife is sdaubd has owned a home in the terryville corridor for 29 years i agree with everything that was in the letter read by
8:40 pm
supervisor tang and agree with everything all the remarks with former supervisor carmen chu having an idea of a stop at the 28 and tara value for only people in the stops is absolutely absorb not heard of anything as rid as that and i would also like to say that i agree that there should be more stops for wheelchair assessable stops than now thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> is larry lee here move on (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> my name is marianne i'm a citizen of san francisco united
8:41 pm
states for i live in san francisco terryville street for 40 years and used to commute almost everyday. >> but the 28 stop is very important to me, i'm a senior now right now i could be able to move but i do not know when i may not be able to move as well as see i supposed to be if. >> cut off our staff so i canned walk the hill going up and down and not just me a lot of seniors and disabled people when they want to shop and carry something and go home and walk so long up this - the to get home won't be able to make it then those people will be a lack
8:42 pm
- so i really don't want to cut any stop we need to go to satisfy way shopping and post office and can't walk from the 46 avenue to the 28 avenue so i hope you guys have to consider about the seniors and the disabled we are here for so long we have - why you guys spend a lot of money to change it why not keep the money for something else thank you. >> (clapping.) >> 234e79 (calling names). >> good afternoon mr. straus. >> again peter strauss for the san francisco transit riders i'm here to address one aspect of this project and that is the safety islands we strongly support of safety island they be
8:43 pm
installed at all stops without delay we don't supportive pilot the historic data suggests nostril safety islands one thirds as many accidents as where interest have not been safeties elements the last data an terryville there are eltsz and location not having the board of supervisors islaning i we're not trying to protect against the consciousness drivers but drivers b of a badly and the signage not providing any physical protection it is
8:44 pm
possible that the mrirlt may appear to be successful and no one is hurt until someone is hurt with in physical protection provided we simply write high viability signage not preventing someone from driving in - safety island are acceptable and needed we urge you to install them without delay at all stations along terryville. >> next speaker, please. >> skmz (calling names) is paul here (calling names). >> paul is first. >> okay. >> go ahead.
8:45 pm
>> good afternoon. >> i've been living in the sunset since 1999 and also that area is mostly elderly area and i'm quite astonished to see how the muni just totally nethsz the closing certain stops just i don't see that is fair anymore so and also i know there are safety issues and concerns but should be a blend this has caused a lot of anxiety amongst elderly people and also this issue came up a
8:46 pm
few years ago on this preferring about a closing of similar bus stops i imblower you to- your own muni people have gone to great length to correct their data because of we're going against you're the life right now so that's >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon my name is rake i live on 17 avenue my husband lived in the home for 17 years i'm on maternity leaf but commute the
8:47 pm
terryville and urge you not to make decisions and consider taking this for the accessibility related issues especially for the elder and the disabled and people with children and i guess my main concerns are the removals of stops on 17, 22 and 28 that will decrease the ability to the post office and the public library for a lot of residents who use those stops regularly so if it becomes an assess issue for people that can't get around that's not to help those individuals i like you to consider that thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names) >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon i'm teresa i was born and raised san
8:48 pm
francisco 60 plus years and grew up on 27 and san diego and live on 15 and 16. >> my specific issue for this is the elimination of the any stops on the l terryville the one i use is 15 at the meetings that were held before since this was one that was for sure no going back on that and doesn't make sense if you're familiar you go 15 avenue and have to take a left turn the streetcar stops anyhow but have to slow down the streetcar will take a amount of time the leemsz of the stops to allow people to get on and off the streetcars is seconds not minutes a stop if so
8:49 pm
is eliminated a full block up to terryville to get to the stop that is currently there the other stop on the 17 and terryville one which of you eliminate that no other stops from 15 and terryville to 19 and terryville all hill and quite a bit of a walk there is a complex issue but san francisco has been doing nothing but trying to get people out of their cars doesn't make sense to make people get on muni and out of their cars thank you . >> (clapping.) >> 234e79 (calling names). >> any of those folks here. >> is emily here s g r o?
8:50 pm
no >> (calling names) no. >> grace chair tang. >> c h a n is grace chair tang here coming up please. (calling names) if you could come forward (calling names) line up please. >> good afternoon. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i live by 24 avenue. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm not good at walking. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i need this bus at the stop to 24.
8:51 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> i need to use that station so that i can go buy groceries. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i need that station. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i believe that the bus companies intention is good for the convenience of the cityy. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and not don't worry about and get rid of of the station. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and then the proposal of
8:52 pm
unoccupied buildings some benches the benches are low and good 5 years old and not good for people of my status few and far between. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so if not helping the citizens shouldn't operate the l car that's it. >> okay. thank >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. my name is grace chin i sponsoring support to spotting stop the muni if
8:53 pm
those two stops are removed it only saves two minutes in extra we may have to walk far more than 2 minutes we have to wait to enter the tunnel we always have to wait to move to the next station and have better arrangement instead of roving the stops like safeway and library and post office muni should think about the elderly san francisco has lots of hilly slopes and the seniors have to walk uphill especially in the back or when this is raining or windy it is really hard and muni can arrange buses and the passengers can have a choice on hope island will not be moved and no entry for cars had the
8:54 pm
train stops if so enough already otherwise how - with so many i'd like it is two quiet many restaurants and shops but islands will be a loss of parking spaces and businesses will be killed many spaces on island tend to use on - then we will have more frequent and reliable as much as if parking spaces are moved to side streets it will add stress to them too >> next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) >> (calling names). >> is windy here. >> windy
8:55 pm
windy. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i live by 24 and l. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i lived there for 45 e 35 years. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i don't drive. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> for all the over 35 years i depend on muni to go to work. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> sow now i'm retired i have to be depend on more on muni for my grocery shopping for any post office visit and more importantly for my medical checkups >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm strongly opposing to
8:56 pm
abolish the station. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so the 24th street that already a stop and a bus arrives and does not open it's door what good is that for. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i don't believe that the eliminations was saving you time. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> is alice chang here. (calling names) >> right here. >> okay (calling names)
8:57 pm
okay (calling names). >> good afternoon. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. my name is a we think. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i live by 28 and terryville. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i've lived there for 26 years. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i don't drive. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> my mother currently live with me and she's 86. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i need to transportation to go to work. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i does not want to see any cuts in that line. >> (speaking foreign language.)
8:58 pm
>> i believe the public transportation is here to serve everybody. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> the system is not a showcase but needs to fulfill a need. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> maybe we should hang up improving the service rather. >> thank you. >> thank >> next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) >> (calling names). >> okay (calling names) good afternoon, sir. >> good afternoon henry president of the san francisco council of the emergency associations i really commend this vision zero a great program but i go back in history the days of rollings we came a long
8:59 pm
way and move to the cars the first cars were built making sure that we wouldn't get run over now buses and cars and bicycles we have actions with bicycles and extra busy remember a woman crossing the street and hit by a bus who's fault i'll not blame either won those things happen you have to eliminate accidents just by doing what our doing you're totally wrong i couldn't say that what helps is good riding and control and citations i seen actually that the red carpet people don't drive on the red carpet they're afraid of getting a ticket am i in favor the red carpet but people look at things
9:00 pm
like that i'm for the pilot program let's try it and see how it works but don't implement the rest of that is bad for the merchant and bad for the community thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> is ms. moe gagging began here? is darrell newsom here is doug and laura is she here okay. please come forward. >> good afternoon, sir. >> good afternoon, members my name is henry and he stand before you in staunch opposition of this bathroom, from professional and personal grounds starting with professional i work for the fire department and that has been ringed but frowning acknowledge of someone that drives in the
9:01 pm
field not in a red carpet but missing anytime you impede the flow of traffic putting in island you're putting lives in danger in a earthquake a building collapses it will further impede traffic do you want someone in a ride share or apparatus and helping this is a question human life and safety is paramount i understand that i understand the need and will to the have and have not's avoid did accidents a number of years ago people were trying to cross in front of streetcars we have flexible barriers those barriers are attached by the lines in a movie theatre i don't that's what i'm talking about people
9:02 pm
trying to cross the streetcars we live in an area of well no need engineers no way to look at the mechanical that can come down when the streetcars are loading and unloading passengers and vocationals wagon had in the 60s and further we're citizens and that entails responsibility when i was a child and riding my bike my parents said pay attention if not you'll get made by a car we have to enforce the laws and educated people what happened the other gentleman said if people are breaking the law have finances i live locally and that is turned into a parking lot in a residential terryville is a commercially zoned area as assessor our chu said they're using those
9:03 pm
commercial streets what will happen to drivers driving one point a perfectly great thoroughfare and 90 degree parking what happens when i'm driving a ladder truck and all the way down is a delivery truck off-loading someplace. >> thank you, sir >> (clapping.) >> (calling names). >> who's the next one. >> darrell newsom k is darrell here. (calling names) >> good afternoon e. i'm dar resident of the sunset
9:04 pm
second user of terryville a stronger supporter of vision zero i believe that when i first thank the commission for the work don't need to go on and not losing any more diners with any family i want to say this project didn't go as far enough to protect people walking and getting on the terryville i drive out this all the time this is not a safe place people role through stop signs and drive up and down terryville like a freeway if we put in boarding islands with the safety by design the responsibility is great until your kid gets hit by a car i've been hit by a car it is inconvenient we're talking
9:05 pm
about my son whefsz three or four years old getting off the terryville the door was about to open i said to my son be careful there are cars coming she's super excited and jumps out as soon as the doors are open we're really lucky that someone was not coming we were lucky but i don't want to be lucky boarding islands save lives 46 people have been seriously injured that's hugely inconvenience and the last thing address all the other stuff but more sidewalk bulb outs and more flashing beacons we have not seen traffic become more safe thank you. >> (clapping.) >> >> next speaker, please.
9:06 pm
>> (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon directors my name is laura i'm a daily l rider a neighborhood resident and very close to the l and homeowner and two children's in elementary school and preschool in the sunset and we have taken the l collectively thousand if not tens of thousand of time to get to daycare over the last 9 years today, i'm here to support my concern for more support on terryville and strengthen this proposal by commissioner levitan on putting boarding island on every stop as we've heard terryville is the most dangerous and none should have to step on and off a train by crossing
9:07 pm
traffic i see people under the current conditions and people with carts and strollers and elderly riders and be visibly combardz under the struck proposal if this proposal didn't move forward people will experience that danger for years any children use the l terryville the three and four years old hold their teachers hands to board a waiting train while a negligent driver is driving up the street maybe new to the neighborhood and visiting the neighborhood if this the secret driver code had you drive in the muni lanes i've seen that blaze by the train one hundred wants an absolute miracle none
9:08 pm
has been killed safety is not hoping for behavior it is the responsibility of you to make sure we are especially the more vulnerable i ask you to insist on the safety for all stops today. >> thank you. >> (calling names) good afternoon. >> good afternoon mary i'll be user the overhead here to urge the board to postpone a decision for the proposal and brings this a true pilot proposal why is the action has failed to answer the question whether the alternatives to boarding islands this is terryville today with a 1r50i7b89 merchant community that is what n judah used to look like this is what n judah looks like now no longer a vibrant mrnl
9:09 pm
corridor as a result of the boarding lanes another major issue is the quality of staff is work product - i'm sorry on 24th street rather than 24 avenue i'm sorry oh, okay. i'll talk now i ask want to suggest that you consider instead of having the oncoming off the bus but on the street you have pedestrian crossing for railroad traffic lines and can do the same thing for those particular spots not worrying about the downtown with the arms coming off the bus and have those things like the parking garages have the arms comes up and down for the cars that's an easy exit and in
9:10 pm
general i'm here to speak for all the people that cannot be here that are getting. >> initiated with the brt's and the red lines all over the place and you'll find users with less money and are to go back to getting the funds why are you cutting services and taking out bus stops - >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> david. >> is david still here. >> okay. thank you. >> kathy - is reed martin here thank you is mel here thank you. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon director nolan i'm kathy the policy and
9:11 pm
program manager about walk sf and here today and on behalf of walk sf and our members to stress our concerns that project didn't go far enough to protect the people on terryville we're outraged that riders will not have bordering island but a treatment of paint and signs we know that paint and signs don't keep people save people get hit at the crosswalks with paternity and signs every day boarding oifld are 100 percent save vision zero is about building a safe system for human error and the pilot is not tang a vision zero approach further it violates the vision zero to install the highest quality infrastructure along the high injury corridors because of that walk sf and 200 and 40 community members urge you to install
9:12 pm
bordering island at every single stop further in the pilot move forward we don't want it but having it increase inform 100 percent future by saying and go metric of success of 90 percent success your damning 10 percent of riders to danger this is unacceptable and as someone mentioned 50 percent of crashes that happen on the corridor with the pedestrians we think deserve the treatment and more bulb outs and flashing beacons and more restricts that are important and narrower traveling lanes today, we urge you to be the vision zero advocates and champions he know you are and urge you to go with the mayor's perspective on
9:13 pm
this project. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names) is michael here thank you. >> diana scott please line up. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon we've heard a lot of great comments today, i think they makes a lot of sense on both sides with our decision and this for everybody in the room what happens when we create change on the streets of san francisco their recognizeic about parking and driving and unknowns as you may know and people know but i urge you all as the sfmta board to know strongly what you're roles in the process is those are important details we're talking about human lives and we're commented to a policy not 10 dedicate a year not one death
9:14 pm
a year zero dedicates and we're not near to eliminate that how in the world will we get to negotiate or zero if we don't use the boarding islands around the world they've been used for many many years and terryville struggles today, i understand i know a lot of people that don't invite terryville because how long it takes to get to the trains and transit in particular, the l is not just for k3450ub9 but something we use in your school and recreation and we need people to be able to take it and feel safe modern this is 2016 and we can't be arguing over something as common sense as boarding islands every major city in the world
9:15 pm
abandon traffic decades ago a century ago we didn't have this but i ask you to look at our role as the sfmta to make the right decision. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> i'm mel i'm a resident of 22 avenue i've been a resident of city for 36 years and a senior and i'm a disability person i have physical disables that give me difficulties in in and out of the trains in san francisco. >> i understand that well - first of all, i speak for sometimes silent activists the aging public of the city
9:16 pm
i understand that most of you a appointees and have interests in our future access and public office now i'm really opposed to the changes in the terryville stops mainly on 22 avenue and 17 and 19 avenue for the following reasons on 22 avenue tha that stop is a major hub or major point for access for the children studying at lincoln and students at the lincoln eat at the different restaurants around the 22 avenue area it is also assess for drug store that is walgreens and major assess to the library and other locations and - so i recommend that there
9:17 pm
be education enforcement, i recommend also to encourage not discourage the muni youth, i recommend that you guys consider the local pub in that area so the public that are mostly asians and seniors take paying people. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon. i've looked at this fwlad plan and came to the same solution for a problem like the trumpet of the muni and the central subway is it so devoid of common sense not achieve the lines they believe simply wouldn't work and didn't work for us the rider of l line
9:18 pm
the citizen taxpayers and the merchants of l corridor will ultimately have to pay for this nuisance we have a failure to communicate the efficient and economic resources that have been and are at its disposal to achieve the goals and a failure to look at the plan with us the citizens before the fact in the after the fact for the $32 million for a fiscally scheme it is confusing you wanted me to use muni but pull seats out of the cars and eliminate stops making my trips less efficient and increasing my trip time you're talking about both sides of our mouth you'll save 3 minutes that's the goal 3
9:19 pm
minutes don't insult me save me 5 and 8 minutes ride a bus safety issue let's not be naive no matter how many sflugsz and red applicant disappointed this is a theft with an the city government that has to change proposition l like it or not your responsible for us the taxpayers that pay your salaries right now 202000 signatures on your decks telling you what to do retain the stops and at the end of the term come to the table with us the merchants and hammer out a scheme. >> next speaker. >> >> next speaker. >> thank you . >> (clapping.) >> (calling names)
9:20 pm
is jane still here? no u lane >> i'm diana scott i live at the end of counsel table terryville and use transit to get downtown and sometimes use the car when i have to carry things or make multiply stops most people do except people that don't own cars and prefer bicycles i'm here to urge you not to remove any stops and force any neighbors to work further to ride muni to save two to three minutes it is not going to change my use even if muni i also urge you not to vote any final approval you've heard many
9:21 pm
passionate speakers talking about how early implementation in a 6 month trial a much better idea not spend the money and correct our mistakes i'll suggest that while passionate the vision zero people have already won they've not have any deaths at all along the l terryville and 22 accidents so you might want to look at our figures that's been said to me it is like one less than one and 25 million is what we're talking about if you cancer all the people that get on and off the trains during the time period i've not seen percentages absolute numbers make absolutely no sense don't lead with speed and don't eliminate cars entirely from my neighborhood if you make lanes narrower cars
9:22 pm
tend to go faster like water through pipes and cause more accidents if you really are interested 2, 3, 4 safety do a 6 month pilot and don't approve any changes today >> (clapping.) >> >> next speaker, please. >> is ms. clark here okay. mr. hugh? joel is joel still here. okay. and those are the last people that turned in speakers if anyone else wants to turn in a speaking on behalf of do it >> (laughter.) a big transcript and housing advocate or activists i want to do fact checking the narrow streets slow down cars that's a fact i'm sure you guys are well aware of and it is going to be difficulty difficult for us to retrofit our
9:23 pm
city a painful long process for us to stop over new year's eve cars as the main way of transporting people and difficult for a lot of people to make that transition we need to doing everything we can to hold their hands through the process but need to happen i think you guys are well aware of necessity of that to take place because we can't scale up our city using on this car senior citizen asterisk infrastructure and do a lot of things as a in addition to protect the safety of drivers we do a lot of studies on turns and the impact how fast a car can do our infrastructure is designed around the safety offer people in vehicles we need to turn that around and apply the same level of science and focus on safety to those not in those cars people walking and biking and
9:24 pm
people on scooters and in public transportation when we build our sorry - when we build our infrastructure we need to be doing the math on every single piece of and additionally you all know we're chronologically underfunded. >> transportation this is the change to say infrastructure we need systematic improvement and how much hope you do that ride that all the time thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names) >> this will be our last speakers. >> good afternoon, sir. >> good afternoon
9:25 pm
my name is robert hugh i was in the sunset district right now i manage senior people with disabilities and so other problems i have a two couple of things i have to now and then i disagree city for going to close a stop at the county 22 avenue and terryville where is - to locate the handicap people to get on
9:26 pm
the l car or some other car if you close that that stop for me i don't know how can i can't go anywhere without getting on the l car or something so i request please don't close the - maybe the inconvenience to use the activist of outdoor, number 2 so i ask you not close that number 2 i any treatment for me by some by muni driver was seriously i
9:27 pm
tried to get on muni. >> thank you, sir thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> thank you. please. >> joel (calling names). >> your time is up. >> your time is up. >> sir. >> okay. >> good afternoon. i'm joel i use the l line frequently and live near the last stop i have here a not from anyone that certificate of occupancy attends his parents are elderly handicapped and they asked that
9:28 pm
the safeway stop of the line not removed they use it to go shopping and be a great hardship and like to say that the stops that are needed by the handicapped the disabled and elderly should be kept and i would gladly stay an center two or three on the train to have their stops many people might want to stay on the train an extra two or three to serve the elderly that a great service for the elderly make no decisions and save the stops and preserve the six months pilot i know 0 not on the agenda if you want to currently rooirp i'll suggest
9:29 pm
you take the $20 million and create free admission for as many riders with that money and i guarantee the relationship will increase many more riders on muni thank you . >> (clapping.) >> >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names) the last people that turned in speakers. >> i'm a resident of sunset thank you for your services he know overseeing meetings are very, very long i live in the sunset and work in the midst mission and thank you for the improvements 14 i'm here to speak in favor of the boarding islands and here to ask that brld islands are extended
9:30 pm
some talk about pilots and stuff like that why not put the bend over backwards islanboarding is you'll cancer that thank you very much. >> thank you patricia first of all, none you, you called me back when i was strand on the street and you disbanded the scott exit no cars or lyft's no uber's and had to be there from
9:31 pm
15 years as someone that is partially handicapped not to have a ride you're doing the same thing assess denied 88 title two and three it denies egress and ingress to shops as well as to private homes and missed labeled on item i fornix the notification you, you have affordable housing bonus program and streets confused and your agenda why not work with us and start really instead of making a plan and saying this is what we're going to do and railroad it through pea have some group to have saying why are rehaving trouble with outreach and seen a despicable meeting in agreeing
9:32 pm
long time and put it back to the back to the drawing board see if you can have the nerve to do something right for one time you've messed us up the businesses have been down thirty percent because of your discussion i want you to that are we are doing this for transportation or the people or doing it for ore echo egos and do a better job for the city. >> tom gilberty the last person to turn in a speaker. >> thank you tom gilberty first of all, keep all stops keep all cheer stops if we can add to them two or three that
9:33 pm
miniscule we're a temperate climate and try to become an item prat people can the west portal handle two extra l trains an hour can we hub handle a shuttle from west portal if we can't can we do alternative routes route a and b-1 stop stops at the many of the stops the b stops at the other stops if we get it down like 10 minutes between transcripts you have the elicit you have your choice you can take that one walk from lingus and take the next train more trains are better i presume that will cost less than $20 billion and don't like the
9:34 pm
ideas of losing our seats maybe losing fewer seats and get more trains the boarding island are a wish if wheelchairs could role now and then i don't think that is doable but this would be 7th heaven for us wheelchair people and i've lost the stop as franklin and chestnut it is tough the additional alternative for the oldest folks you can get all the stops take advantage of. >> anyone else care to address the board and asked you several times maintain that cares to speak just taking a break.
9:35 pm
>> what's our name, sir and i'm doug i - can we start the time again. >> don't take away any of the l stops stops are way that you get people into transit your goal to get people to ride trait if you take stops away you're creating an obstacle for people to use the transit it is a very bad idea i ask you not to make a final determination today was this a community driven process it was not a that's why the results have made to some people in the community feel frustrated and upset with this body i not to the dianne feinstein meeting at the school this was one of the
9:36 pm
most important public events to present this proposal for the communities hundreds of people showed up but one thing was missing there was no microphone or any pa for the public meetings nothing at all people couldn't hear most of things that were said and people tried to ask questions from the audience but couldn't be misunderstood i was sitting next to a 90-year-old woman that came out in the pouring rain to find out about the projects and every couple of minutes she said i can't hear a thing that's not a community driven process it is very simple if i want to hear the community you have to provide a microphone
9:37 pm
that's just a morph you've had deaf ears to the community and not loudly them to speak up in any mooefrn way it is time for that to be corrected don't remove any of the l stops don't make a final decision today and anyone else care to address the board i declare 10 minutes. >> hold on so directors will be two typos on the resolution in the square for 21st avenue should be 24 avenue i'll, making that correction to the resolution. >> is there to or one. >> there's two i'll go have not entire - yeah.
9:38 pm
director hsu thank you director reiskin >> for all the input that matters this project is different from what that begun as in the community input that is received that matters and keep an matter at hand so would a lot to see everybody come out it is a tough issue i recognize a lot of good arguments on both sides i drive to terryville a lot and that's for that reason he care about the parking i know that merchant care about it, too big deal same thing i can't get comfortable that is okay to a drop off people in live traffic i support is of board of supervisors island i think outside the box they're necessary it has been that way for a long time but this is an
9:39 pm
opportunity make that better and stop removals is a difficult issue i feel that there are some very concerns about the impacts efficient on elderly folks and anyone that is less mobile so the problem there as i see it is we can't - if we want to have the stops we have to have bend over backwards isra boarding islands so and i feel like i can support this today with the understanding that there will be a process moving forward where that we want to bring back stops based on inputs
9:40 pm
we can do that and scant wait on the boarding islands i want to highlight 17th street there are a lot of concerns regarding scarf way and ask that staff really focus on studying that has we move forward and thinking about ways to get feedback and really decide where we want to bring that one back the way i look at this if we move forward it didn't mean that the stops don't come back but a process where the community gets together and say we'll decide between parking or a stop and choose to have a stop and support the boarding islands i want to focus on 17th street in the coming months we get feedback we really need to keep that stop we need to work with the merchants and resident to get support and get together how to get the parking resolves in a
9:41 pm
way that makes everyone happy. >> thank you, mr. chew. >> kathy. >> i agree with director shoe but anymore comparison active on the safety with the boarding islands. >> mr. kennedy a couple of specific questions with some of the public commenters and thank you. we had one person mention that using the stop on 19 is scary because it is scary to cross 19 and in particular at night will you remind me a project for the addressing of public safety. >> we do the 28 and 19 avenue is going in to construction i believe within the next three to four months as part of a larger
9:42 pm
repaving project of the entire avenue that will include 19 transit bulbs so 7 foot transit bulb in the crossing distance and through vision zero has recommended no left turns off terryville at the 19 and so it will be a change intersections for the side of safety and that's really good to hear i like the project and will support i don't want to delay on the safety options i'm nerves as a coup of people men's is 90 percent compliant high enough you put those in what sort of good firm el camino del mar segmented data if we see in the
9:43 pm
first 3 months the inclines is not near everyone want of month pilot and the other part what happens if we have a person hit in one of our painted safety zones we're innovate doing the temporary boarding islands it worried me if we have an injury the least dangerous of our stops. >> yeah. we first of all, we think that that closure it low on the l people there is no historical of people getting in a pedestrian crash there but that doesn't mean that can't and our understanding if someone gets hit obviously it is no longer a pilot but we want to give them that full 6 months it
9:44 pm
you know really will help us to figure out the best design of those locations and with work the merchants to meet theirs loading. >> i completely see the value of collecting that information so when we have projects in the future people are arguing they don't need boarding islands we'll have this piloted to priority to we tried baby steps they're not working and little designs i'm convinced we'll get the level of compliance not just because there is more car traffic than we've experienced in the past decades before you distracted drivers it is difficult to see the train stopping to let passengers off and the driver has not realized that people are getting off i'm not tool in the tool belt
9:45 pm
convinced the painting zones will work and we'll work on that for the next project but glad to see a supervisor tang ♪ her e-mail mentioned a minimum distribution we're missing how long this construction will be disruptive for that entire corridor i think like i said i'll appreciate and appreciate everyone turning out we need it more safe and p this will be a step in the right direction >> i want to second what cheryl brinkman said for hundred safety i you know some of the points with respect to vision 90 percent didn't really resonate with what we're trying to get to
9:46 pm
festivity at the same time i appreciate we haven't seen where the in bound direction people are getting off as someone that lives on a rail listen not subsequent i see how it phenomena works on a daily business the boarding islands will be imperative they're necessary to facilitate a safer process but on it in bound during the peak hours specifically in the morning have less passengers getting off now what i don't want to convey that those one or two passengers off at the stops are less valuable
9:47 pm
than anyone else they matter as well so i do recognize this idea it is not essential that we build them out to demonstrate the need because like the vice chair said i agree that lives for me, i'm not sold on their utility i think that is mr. lucky said i see regularly cars violating crosswalks all the time and passengers i'm sorry pedestrians can i get patricia i'm trying to make my point and it is distracting to hear voices while i'm talking that is important for us to make sure that we're - we're artists negotiating safety supervisor tang's position of its non-negotiable resonates
9:48 pm
with me i hope we're wrong i can't see us right thing wrongly about the lights and the painting i was on a meeting this morning and what generally happens i was on the end this morning an irving street with no centering and brrld islands and he was imagining what could have happened or what happens is the doors open obviously and passengers get on and off and the cars stop but what happens after it seems as though passengers stop getting on and off the cars creep forward if a appear pedestrian was to get off and elderly and having a hard time getting off the train and late
9:49 pm
after the crowds are left i saw to cars drive by open doors on the train i feels on - i'm not sure i mean the data only goes enhancing back 5 years and more people on and off the trains as we grow as a city so again, i don't want to appear we're insensitive i'm deeply concerned about people that are concerned about the impacts of the parking lot but if we're opening up muni to more people and more students that are you know young people trying to get to school without their parents or more elderly people i don't see it as intrusive i see it as opening up your streets and transit to anymore people they can feel safer to ride transit
9:50 pm
so i will support the pilot but only if we only if we agree that what compliancecy or compliance looks like i really not 90 but one hundred safety as we've seen on the islands we've gotten i - and the only reason i think i can go with the pilot from what i understand going with the pilot will not allowance slow down the implementation of the islands; is that correct still we'll we we be notified we have to decide on this will this contact so we don't miss the
9:51 pm
opportunity. >> yes, sir. we're planning to - we have not finalized it yet but i imagine we'll start the pilot late january and do the striking and all that through january in between and then working with the sfrifrdz or supervisors to for lack of a better term for a small group of stakeholders that will work with us through the pilot six months six to eight weeks to go over what we're seeing the tweaks and ideas we can change and implement that does comply with marching towards your goal and ending that 6 month period with some sort of community engagement probably oblique an open house with people looking and seeing what we learned and came out from the pilot and come
9:52 pm
back to the pilot before moving forward. >> that's not slowing down the implementation. >> no, sir we're going to be doing essentially designing the ireland and if not boarding islands not used. >> so i feel good because it will not slow down the prelims of safety island and it is more appropriate the safety 0i8d will not be slowed down and if we make the case and demonstrate he know that every single one of you will comply with the signs and the flashing lights and paint none of you we're worried about but the people that are late to work and they're looking at their phone or uber driver from antioch and didn't know
9:53 pm
about the flashing lights the people that hit people in crosswalks regardless of painted and those are the folks we're worried about it is not any of you or the people we know i'm confident it is people that are effectively creating human error we have to engineer against so if we can productive 100 percent compliance great if not i'll have a hard time keeping this with respect to the stop consolidation i also appreciate the perspective of the safe house way preserving that one at 17th street and look at the sophistication - suggestion.
9:54 pm
>> having the in bound and out bound on between 18th street and 19 we've gotten a lot of feedback from a number of little fire department and other first responder if you take that right on terryville created issues with turning emergency responding vehicles and delivery trucks for example, as well as caltrain is worried about accommodating traffic to slow down 11 foot area that they'll have to turn into to make that turn they're concerned that traffic will back up so a lot of our agency partners don't relate that and supervisor yee asked a
9:55 pm
question. >> last point i'll make to director perspective with keeping that station at the 17 that stop i should say but ultimately put safety island meaning moving the parking so i superintendant we'll get push backs from those this afternoon if we keep those stations or stops move that parking. >> correct so 17 is the second if you - if i can enclose the map showing where people are getting hit the dangerous intersection is the most dangerous on the corridor so, yes remove the parking in that
9:56 pm
area it is hard to find a place to park and in the majority of the corridor replacement workplace the park there is in that location not a replacement available parking for us to access that's the trade off. >> thank you very much that was helpful. >> how about you. >> so i have a couple of questions thanks for everyone to came out this is a tough one as everyone mentioned i thought the points ones all sides were articulated well and appreciate your statements i have a question about brought up about the stop we have cheer stop an awesome - from a practical perspective can you explain why another folks can't use that stop. >> yeah. the original proposal
9:57 pm
was to have a stop at the thirty and remove the stop at the 28 and with no key stop at 30th through working mostly because they're not allowing us to have a stop at the out bounds but only having a key stop and work with the community and map and our fiscal services but looked at that and actually maybe we have a couple of locates where the key stop is located a block away from the full stop and we looked at the again and said yugs just have the platform and the full service stop on 30th in the out bound direction a stop at the 28 and in bound the
9:58 pm
platform on 30th. >> great what's the reason people can't get off. >> thank you for that. >> the one with the parking loss if you have the key stop there it will only take up three or four spaces if we made that a few board of supervisors island a lot more that and consolidate that so if you're not using that stop need that stop accessibility we'll be stopping with there on 30th before the next stop. >> i'm not trying to beat this but if a people with disabilities is getting off there with a bunch of people can that person leave with them too or - >> so you know that is i believe that's policy that you're allowed to with the person you're with can get off
9:59 pm
at the assessable stops. >> i appreciate the saeblth open accessibility on this lien and that this existing conditions are extremely hard on people moving around the corridor most people can't assess the majority i support this project mostly it is - i'd like to see all the stops assessable but as engineers we can't do that because of the guidelines it is what we can do and supportive of looking to save the safeway stops if you can neglect getting off the stops. >> ms. borden. >> thank you for the people sending e-mails and i know there are some changes obviously not enough and haven't gone that
10:00 pm
far. >> can you talk about that about the boarding israel and the loading are there other things like parking at 90 degrees. >> ms. chu a worried about angle park i'm on her block we her block the 25 and 26 is actually mirrors one of the pilot locates we're doing the boarding island on terryville we'll not be implementing that change now we don't need that extra parking until it is built or not built in light future so what happens is there are 3 blocks to up in
10:01 pm
the 40s and 16 and 17 we will implement up front right now is the idea of angled parking so three or four blocks will get a chance to see how does that work by the way, we do this in the city as safe and serves as a traffic calming measure but people will see how it works and if the like it there are tweaks we can make this is a project that is very easy to change or modify so we can make a lot of changes tloubt the parking that is actually going forward. >> whenever he know that people want to talk about the pilot so what other sort of entering investigations from data are important i know i asked i can't remember if you
10:02 pm
pulled the tax data and we can look at it year by year before and after the pilot to have something to compare it against. >> he pulled the before data you can see the data is a gage but not exactly what is going on some data is left out and things like that but over the last 5 years and in both instances the tax supporter supported is one percent now compared to the rest of d, 4 but 4 percent you can pull that. >> we can have a gage i know
10:03 pm
that terryville is part of a the workers program that program to figure out other things to support the neighborhood the advertising whatever in that i think that is for the whole idea that people want to go to terryville and shop there we want to make it easy for people to do that thanks very much and everyone talked about the safeway it is a challenging issue and the mayor if there are any ways to figure out the safeway will be great i know many people also talked about the postings and that's part of pilot i guess is that one of the - no. >> so, i mean to make sure i know you said in the report we didn't give a reason for the
10:04 pm
post office in the package i think that is important to have stops we know that people will have packages and thing that convenience to the bus stop make sense i recognize the transit effect of this project which this is this the muni forward the project for to think about how we wanted to it plan san francisco for thirty years we were talking about l steering value but part of a larger plan throughout the city everyone is said muni stops often the issue is muni takes forever to get moisture because of bus stops and the issue is most people choose to drive it takes too long to get anywhere we so to insure that people that royal on
10:05 pm
that to go fast from point ab and insure the reliability and the more double parking are thing that happen along the way slow down the trips this is part a larger strategy that is applaud for quite a few of the this is coming to fruition to figure out how to increase the speed and reliability unfortunately muni self-have a right away we are on the streets and sharing it for everyone on everything on the streets impacts i was taken by the fact i walked the corridor recently how few places for people with stockholders and people with disabilities you know going to get on and off the train i mean that has to be remedied the boarding islands not to talk about safety but accessibility
10:06 pm
that people are not able to get on - they have much further distances than wear contemplating in the plan that is interesting those people are the the most challenged from point ab to me the boarding islands are the critical part of entire project bus for the safeties and the accessibility and i also think as an agency our responsibility to make sure we're designing streets as safe as possible we saw that horrible accidents that happened on and on in north beach a tree feel on them difficult city do its job i think we're in a situation we know that the boarding islands are 100 percent safety level we know that; right? can he do better so we don't want to take the riverside county that
10:07 pm
someone can be paralyzed or die is that doesn't make sense i have a question how many houses have garages it seems to me when i walk that neighborhood there's a lot of driveways. >> i - there's a lot of curve cuts throughout there one of the issues that is related to the e stops is curve cuts not enough space to put the key stops to yeah, a lot of curve cuts especially along - >> i remember compared to other projects way more parking than anywhere else most of single-family homes not a lot of apartments the other things in terms of implementation i know this pilot will not have an impact but the
10:08 pm
implementation wouldn't happen until the other project the bicker project giving us the opportunity how does that work. >> correct the larger project is going to start right now skerlgd 2018 and be 24 month period under construction along that corridor then doing work underneath the street puc and water and sewer will happen and the over heads and repaving and doing the boarding islands and those kinds of things. >> 19. >> between 19 and between 2020. >> the changes everyone is concerned won't market-rate for basically another 4 years obviously that a great amount of time for the permit to examine
10:09 pm
data for traffic studies and look at that and figure out i feel confident that because of the long time frame we're talking we have this pilot and can be creativity /* creative this is mandated - this is about a network of transportation but how it intersects with the city we can't wait because the congestion is at an all-time high i don't think we can wait a thirty year not a 5 year plan this is thinking long time how we grow and have to live in the city i know this is really
10:10 pm
difficult in a short time for the people that live through it but i think we have to do it. >> thank you very much director heinecke. >> thank you, mr. chair and mr. kennedy and my neighbors that came out and talked about it i want to pick up someone what my friend said this is part of a larger project we put the larger vision into play and the neighborhood shows up and we work through it keep in mind it is part of a larger program first and foremost is safety i want to compliment supervisor tang and her office for taking the stand i know some in her district is not happy she's prioritized safety that is agree as someone that rides that line and with my children i very much heard one other parents that said it is
10:11 pm
sort of remarkable your disembarking that train i know some people think this will discourage but making safer will make people want to ride it and board in traffic i also very much see the transit that the benefit is hereafter safety motivates me to support it mr. kennedy two to three minutes is per trip; correct? in the corridor. >> yes. >> so someone making a commute on a weekly basis will work downtown will save 20 and thirty minutes of their lives over a week. >> yes. >> i'm not asking you to guarantee. >> and is it takes 13 minutes
10:12 pm
to make that trip we're talking about a 20 or 20 percent. >> 80 percent time savings you talk about a 20 minute time salesforce that is significant an easy anecdotal it is a significant thing and time saving on the terryville saves time for people further down the line so i want to pause and ask you this question how much of the time satisfying is it about 50/50. >> mostly consolidation we did 7, 8, 9 salesforce for the transit lane. >> as people noted not like it is super congested we'll save sync reliability because of the traffic lanes and not randomly 3 cars in front of the train that
10:13 pm
makes that will go smoort but the times is from the stopping. >> as someone that is usually a big fan the red stripping the real goal to make that so the timing is steadier the trains are scheduled that's what you're saying auto yes. >> and a lot of terryville drivers drive on or ride on the next train. >> that's pretty good near headway so their riding they go out there and when the next train comes instead of by reason of these and two ls show up they'll meet their head ways instead of two to three go showing up and having another one coming by out.
10:14 pm
>> as director brinkman said i ask we monitor this project would be whether the red striping is working you're probably showed me shocked to i hear in the neighbors that they feel sort of a municipal level attack on driving and parking removal to promote safety i'm for that we'll get to that in a second and but on this one we get a lot of questions why has the transit on reduced to one lane and not benefits i'd like to monitor if this isn't saving us time it is rarely to be mothered. >> we are going to do an evaluation of the transit on the streets and things like that but just reliability improvements to
10:15 pm
- >> so while we're there i'll give you this you've heard this 5 minds times if our best on terryville we realize on parking one the unique aspects of this district and west portal and others they can serve people driving the district they realize on rile on paving if their suffering because people are not driving hoping they're not driving but adding parking meters if this is significant i want to comment to talking about that. >> and then the final thing 17th street talk about people getting on with packages when i'm on the train goes to the zoo a lot of people getting on with a lot of things and safeway is a
10:16 pm
service point and the notation of losing a few parking spaces is not and i sunnydale considering safeway has a parking lot it is not full i realize other businesses that don't want to lose parking as to the but addressed to parking go so i - i think i've heard it from all the colleagues or at least a lot of them there are a tenure to keep that spot i wonder if it program should be amended or think in the short term about amending this program to put board of supervisors island at the 17th street and two other reasons beyond the fact a lot of people particularly seniors using that safeway stop and, of course, taking their groceries we want
10:17 pm
them to do that otherwise that parking lot will be full and two other things i understand it now if we remove the 17th street stop people leaving the safeway and going out bound will have to go over 17th street. >> the out bound between 17th street. >> we heard from someone who lives near 15 that stop is going away too. >> he lives down - >> is the stop at the curve still there. >> so - >> the curve terryville makes a stop. >> a right. >> a right and removing that stop around the corner to be closer to safeway and put a bulb there. >> under the current proposal we'll have a bulb stop a block
10:18 pm
from safeway; is that correct. >> yeah. more like safeway between 17 and 18 two blocks in bounds excuse me - >> on the in bounds the stop will be - >> 200 feet. >> on the out bound between 17 and 18. >> the whole block if you're going westbound the doorways radio halfway. >> the the concern coming the other way. >> if you want to get off as safe way get off at the 19 or go up to the 1 street stop and then walk back. >> or if you're leaving safeway and want to go back to the friends like the fire department. >> now we're talking about a
10:19 pm
two block way i guess to summon up we've talked about this one stop a lot i've heard the reason not to do it is essentially parking elimination. >> and time saving. >> and time savings so what's the portion of two to three minutes we'll lose if we added it stop back in. >> 20 or 30 seconds. >> how many is parking spaces will we bourlt to be safe. >> it will be 8 to 9 stops in the inn bound side that cannot be far side too many curb cuts so near side but probably 8 or 9 stops. >> it sounds like we have time and i for one point to see mr. kennedy and his team to look at
10:20 pm
that and get more feedback from the community that's one that certainly make sense to me. >> to at least be considered. >> okay. thank you. >> i think we need clarity right now the one is asking first year an amendment directing now to approve this that's the thrust of it. >> i'm open to discuss the second make sense i'm low to amend things on the fly especially, when there is so many thought into it and asking for more information let me ask this procedurally if we come back in a month and change that there's nothing to preclude that; right? >> could we add it to the pilot imfor a data collection point i mean, i think that
10:21 pm
someway we could - >> the pilot will not eliminate the stop. >> i'm sorry. >> i'm done. >> your point is that if we do nothing the stop goes away on the theory not safe to the other idea to amend out the stop to consider whether we make that better with the board of supervisors or speaking similar. >> i've been advised we can't act on that today is because it is noticed on the 17. >> i will procedurally you could league of womenly i believe eliminate the decision of 17 but couldn't make the parking changes and the island changes not fully doing it i'll
10:22 pm
recommend director shoe was suggesting he noted every one of you mention 17th street i will suggest as part of work we'll be doing over the next few months we evaluate 17th street and come back with a recommendation and an option for you to put the in bounds stop in for k. >> if we adopted what is before us what is the 17th street we're talking about be eliminated. >> mid to late january. >> we can certainly not remove it until we've resolved - >> that understanding this board will hear about it in november. >> or if we're for the ready with the recommendation we'll just defer the decision of the
10:23 pm
stop. >> i'll see we'll take care of it before january. >> before any action it will be back before this body. >> i was wondering if this one someone discuses this having stops off-peak only if he wanted to save the time during rush hour something to think about an offbeat stop not stop during rush hour during most people and stops there. >> and most people are nostril shopping grocery at the 8 o'clock. >> my time i'm glad will the flexibility i like the whole thing if so important i'm glad to hear you say we will work with the neighbors and everything sounds like a complex
10:24 pm
arrangement so i'll also identify with the folks that says this is the beginning of the irelaslands i thought about value of postponing the decision. >> so i'm open to a motion at this time. >> motion to approve. >> as with the clerical changes; right? >> okay. a motion second. >> >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the the i's have it. thank you, mr. kennedy and thank you for alleyway a very, very thoughtful conversation. >> normally if we'll remove the stop in january we'll start noticing it but not notice it until the issue is resolved
10:25 pm
correct. >> thank you, thank you okay. now we'll go back to the beginning of the agenda the next item is. >> next item. >> is introduction of new business. >> i'd like to ask the members to adjourn with those in pack and there was consent we'll join the city family. >> i have a couple of unfinished business and i noticed that the 49 and a few of the buses are mentioning buses they're not stopping and it is confusing for people so i know if we can updated the busses to make sure they are stopping in the information is correct because people are confused and sometimes, people are standing on bus stops they think exist and the bus will stop and everyone on the bus is very confused i know that is
10:26 pm
i've had that happen more than once on the mission lines and maybe happening elsewhere i think that happens on van ness something is to be mindful of and the issue around our maintenance in general of our bus stops today, i noticed the 16th street glass has been 145ir8d on 15 and mission i don't know where it happens i tried to call 311 this was a long wait in general just a notation of how often i know to maintain the buses but how often their calendered and who handles that a clear channel. >> we'll be happy to provide that information does vary by stops likely in the mission and use the 311 app if you try to call. >> i don't think of that at
10:27 pm
the present time. >> directors new are unfinished business and director's report as director reiskin and good afternoon director nolan and members of the public and staff i'll try to be brief a few important things i wanted to cover one and i've been asked to be particularly belief he wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that takes a month special for transportation and in recognition of that the american public transportation association last week at the annual meeting honored our own boards chair tom nolan as the transit member a board member of the year that is quite a high honor a lot of reasons that we were in the application for this
10:28 pm
award he asked me not to go through i wouldn't but not for his leadership here but many years decades he guess of leadership wanders to caltrans and mtc to it was a great honor to be able to be there nor that award to say i'm a colleague who is my boss as well as a mentor to me and i'll do a one note and rather than reading this play a brief video to a few thousand people everyone - every honoree for that the categories had a quote from somebody and usually what the the deputy assistant manager of something or another for tom nolan the leader from house of
10:29 pm
representatives. >> so we'll play in the video quickly. >> over and over. >> introduced myself in the san francisco - >> tom nolan is just that kind of personas a former elected official transportation board member - >> someplace of is a certificate of transportation tom acquires the 52 mile connecting san francisco and 70san jose for san francisco international airport and the the city's muni since the 19 san jose under his leadership the sfmta has implemented groundbreaking programs like
10:30 pm
pretransit seniors and people with disabilities and entire new city with more than light rail vehicles tom nolan has spent decades commenting and public transportation in the san francisco bay area and communicated the services - >> (clapping.) >> congratulations. >> congratulations mr. chair there was images of a lot of images of someone in that video that had a mustache not sure who was was a great honor. >> just march of next year and because of term limits that will recommend over thirty years with mtc and, of course, here and ends up i'm proud just to me a nice thing to end it i'm at the
10:31 pm
executive but (laughter). >> so i appreciate that and others that came down for that so thank you. >> thank you a great honor. >> so other things were part of besides our idea chair wards to vision zero we talked about a lot and you approved just now, one the significant vision zero projects but 5 weeks ago we approved the changes on the. >> gull boulevard and happy to tell you in the short time since now and then we've started the, work some are longer lead the times like terryville happy to let you you know that changes are underway and update on the request we study on the.
10:32 pm
>> gull - we need to look at the intersection western ended a number of safety improvements at the intersection based on public feedback we've received with the collision partners and adding separated left turn southbound vehicles to separate their heads to skraib and left turns and new pedestrian warning signs for turning drivers so the improvements and signaling will be in next year's part of citywide traditional contract part of project and also looking at pedestrian improvements something you and others requested if this works we'll
10:33 pm
incorporate that into the 2017 project so good news the work is underway we we're working closely 80 with departments to see what can be done to make that intersection safer so it's a good news on jblg drive in golden gate park the western portion on the end for bikes and anyone that knows who goes there by any mode people driving fast on the western portion of jblg and it was instructed that the rec and park department as well as sfmta to do a near term safety improvements improvements to reduce speeds in jblg over the next 6 weeks and working with
10:34 pm
rec and park and others shareholders that use this for road races and other activities we're proposing 10 spuchld to the great how and held a paeshgz and most of comments were supportive and going to rec and park advisory committee. >> on october 4th and just want to note that speed hump are different in an speed bumps they're in a parking lot and the speed humps are more gradual to slow down traffics and don't create problems for ambulances and other folks they're a improvement tool to reduce speeding as you know one the leading factors leading to serious and facility injuries and as you may know it lowers
10:35 pm
collisions slowing down. >> so along that line the next part of the executive director was about education and outreach and we now have added up around the area to race the vision zero and traffic safety is part of a that effort we'll show a photograph of what that adds look like which is can't say see it super greatest but filed with kindness an effort to address the specific irks the specific behaviors to make it safer and the next phase launched in october anti speeding adds with targeting pd on the high corridors two things education and enforcements with speed at the standup primary collision
10:36 pm
factor in the facility collisions 09 vision zero effort and this one is actually not from us this is part of the at&t campaign called 10 weights you has to do with with dego targeted driving someone early mentioned and normally i wouldn't recommend sun shining this this came from our vision zero outreach efforts something we're encouraging people to share i found this to profound that i wanted to share it with you all and through sfgov sfgovtv. >> (laughter). >> it is definitely taxing.
10:37 pm
>> a snapshot. >> a snapshot and drive sometimes. >> one more thing about driving. >> what is making them. >> texting and a former of communication. >> and b well, i guess not just a. >> we've not done it i will good about it. >> it is an important roll in approval of the draft minutes with red light. >> you cannot text. >> it is something exciting happening to think about why am i doing this i shouldn't be doing it. >> and (inaudible). >> oh, i like that. >> juicy nice to meet you. >> we want to have a chat i was 21 years old driving home from my college congratulation
10:38 pm
ceremony and (inaudible) any families car we were involved in a collision actually killed both of my participants i spent two months in the hospital fight for mire life and two more months in a hospice learning how to walk and dress myself and feed myself i had a partially paralyzed body. >> (inaudible). >> given - i use my phone to
10:39 pm
change i try to use it as little as possible. >> honestly if i had have been sitting at a red light. >> people i feel so stupid. >> i'm not going to use my phone and drive and the next day after that boom i'm seeing it
10:40 pm
didn't happen at all. >> we know it is real we have the power to actually make a differen difference. >> so just an important reminder not just teenagers and texting it is just think we all obvious a lot people being letting themselves choosing to say distracted and putting others at risk some comments earlier that
10:41 pm
accidents happen not much we can do about it i strongly disagree it is what you'll have us as individuals do this is moving enough that i thought that was worth the time and should have hats off to at&t for the campaign lastly the vision zero action strategy workshops planned for one planned for 9:30 at the city hall on october 11 at the workshop the stage to how to make the streets safer and improve community engagement and equity more information on the website we encourage all to participate. >> a few other items hard to
10:42 pm
follow that video continuing i guess in the nominee of safety van ness and polk will be construction next month early in the most for polk and later for van ness the construction is over lapsing we're working with public works closely to coordinate the efforts and minimize the impacts on businesses open house we're hosting on october 5th between 6 and 8:00 p.m. and tenderloin community school and we welcome neighbors and businesses anyone to attend we will be forecasting message through our project websites to provide information on both projects and folks will be getting thirty and 72 hours meows and the first impacts is moving two lanes of travel in
10:43 pm
each direction adding the second left turn from broadway and he removing turns on the corner so first changes take place on polk the work is going to stop and start way up the north end between van ness and polk so like with any of the projects generally will be construction along the entire length of the corridor for the duration and things moving up and down the terryville we're working hard to engage with folks early and let them know and work where we can as a strong push on terryville and van ness and polk underway two more quick ones one feel good educator this weekend the heritage weekend which gives the
10:44 pm
public a free and rare peak at the catalylassic vintage cars n the video he hopefully safeway and focus on the theme of '75 years of green machines includes vehicles celebrating the history of emission vehicles such as 5 coach trolley coaches from 1941 when the chair took the marines and historic buses will return (laughter). >> free rides downtown and along little old r howard path
10:45 pm
along the san francisco railway as the by the ferry sunday and saturday super exciting for people that love trains and other modes of transportation and on saturday october 1st, the ribbon cutting ceremony so for the union plaza will be opening up to the public beginning of next month that is the open space the large bus turn around which we shrunk to a small bus turn around low income housing built there and this plaza is between housing and the new rexhrld compact bus plaza so this is a fully assessable plaza
10:46 pm
with the trees and benches and artistic places and photographephotos and designing this plaza so role a project of the community that we were just able to provide the space for the land and the project management we'll are turning over the plaza for the city to manage and a long time wade waiting for a lot of folks saturday october 1st and that completes any report. >> director's report. >> cheryl brinkman. >> talk about - not on jblg
10:47 pm
but also alright everyone we'll
10:48 pm
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
started. i want to welcome you today. my name is supervisor malia cohen and your district 10 supervisor. how are you? good morning! this is a big day for all of us here. okay, i want to thank we will have translation today. i want to thank ocia frubeing here from the mayors aufss for doing the translation. okay, here we are, we are gathered at 66
10:55 pm
raymond. this is a long time coming. this is process that the mayor and i have been working on the for last 3 years and i want to acknowledge every single community member that has joined us along this journey. thank you. [applause] for over 100 years this building is extremely important to the community. many people have danced, many people have shared a meal, there are wonderful cultural performanceess here in this building and today we come as a community to celebrate the reopening and rebirth of 66 raymond. thank you. today is
10:56 pm
not just a about reclaiming this building we lost but reclaim agsymbolic importance this plaiz holds in the community. i'm proud to stand before you today to deliver a promise that i made to you that the mayor made to you to insure this building was open and it will remain an asset in the community. this building
10:57 pm
reflects diverse population of the viz valley community. this building will serve everyone from those that live in public housing all the way down to the community members that will join us when the projeblth project is rebuild. so, you might be wondering what type of activities will be held here in this space. i want to introduce to you a few members of our city family here
10:58 pm
todayment we have a lot of people we want to recognize. first and for emost the department of aging as well as department of children, youth and families. these two departments alone are going insure that we got services to offer fwraum the kind ergartners to the seniors of the viz valley community.
10:59 pm
there men people that are a part of our xhounty that remained steadfast and dedicated to this vision. i want to recognize community leaders. i saw patsy teato and want to recognize [inaudible] doing a fantastic job with the beamen centers. i want to recognize the [inaudible] supporting the viz valley neighborhood. i want to also recognize the leadership, i see tony from apacc that are here. thank you for the community members that joined us and partnership and stephen i see you. [inaudible] i want to recognize the folks here and able to join us today. i want to bring up to speak a man that
11:00 pm
delivered on his promises, who is a man i have come to grow to respect and admire his commitment and tenacity. he needs really no introduction, but he is our wonderful mayor, ed lee. please welcome mayor ed lee. [applause] >> thank you all for coming to this opening of 66 raymond street. in addition to all the people that supervisor malia cohen just mentioned we just have carmen chew come in as well. she helps make sure we
11:01 pm
get all the revenue in the city so malia cohen and i can respond spend it. let me tell you a little story about this place because a lot of people through chinese radio and letters and advocacy with supervisor cohens office and my office to many different channels wanted this place open, but want to explain why has taken a little longer than we had anticipated. a few
11:02 pm
years ago, this location was put in bankruptcy by the bank. unbenonesed to us because supervisor and cohen and i were working to make sure we got it from sth the bank, the bank sold it to a individual family. so, about two and a half years ago supervisor cohen and i said, well, we have to sit down with the new owner who bought this through the auction and
11:03 pm
bankruptcy court to plead the them on behalf our visitation valley and district 10 community that we needed the place for the benefit of the seniors and our families. and so for several months we got in touch with the owner and their representatives and we discovered that they are a old san francisco family that also listened to our request on behalf of the community. and
11:04 pm
so, after those many months and after we representing the interest of the city and the community, they agreed to give this property to the city on the condition that we use it for this community's benefit. the building was not in very good shape. there was a lot of
11:05 pm
things that were broken. a lot of conditions that were poor maintenance and so part of the condition was that we would use the money that we originally were going to use to buy the building to invest in it so that the real estate department can work with public works and police and fire and human services agency, work with department of aging, work with xhern children youth and family, all the different agencies, work together to make sure we have the building in shape so when we promise to have a place for people to use, it would be a place that would be in good shape. so, i know
11:06 pm
that it has taken a little long , but on behalf of supervisor cohen and me and all the departments, i want to thank you the members of visitation valley community for being so patient to have your own center and to make sure we set it up so there could be meals for healthy seniors and families here. it could be used for kids and childrens plays. we have a brand new floor behind
11:07 pm
us that will be used for entertainment and for the kids to have. we have a kitchen that works. we have rooms that are safe. no leaky roofs. all of this is all done together because we care about the quality of life of the people who live here. so, we are very happy not just to open the
11:08 pm
center, but we have agencies that the city funds and whether it is self help for the elder ly or whether it is the asian pacific community that the board is here. i see many the directors and board members that are here. they will all create and support programs that we fund so that everybody's lives can be enriched here because we know that if there is any communities that feel isolated from the rest of the city, it is not good for the residents and that is why supervisor cohen and i worked skoe so hard not just to get the space, but our commitment now is going to be that we support all the programs that enrich peoples lives and have the center a healthy place, a fun place, a place that supervisor cohen because i don't dance anymore but she can still dance. she
11:09 pm
can dance in high heels backwards with carmen chiu and i will sit and watch. and that people have a place where local officers also help keep the community safe. it is place where people can learn how to be citizens and good pathways to citizenship and unit family members rchlt you will see me come down to support all the wonderful programs just like the bayview opera house. we are never going to allow these communities to feel isolated and abandoned, they are part of the city just like everybody should be. and so with the
11:10 pm
support of our office, neighborhood services and support from all the groups, i want to say thank you for everybody's strong advocacy. now you have a safe, a really great location and now i can ask mar lean tran to come and
11:11 pm
say, thank you rather than, you haven't done yet what you are promised. we delivered on our promise mar lean and she will say thank you i know that as well. thank you everybody. lets talk and have fun and make sure the programs that improve the quaument of life, make sure everybody that is safe. this is now the community center and we are very proud to have done our part to deliver it. let's use this place for all the right reasons and let's have fun. thank you. >> thank you mr. mayor for those wonderful words. i appreciate the mayor taking a moment and walking us back in time reminding how far we have come when we lost this location and we went and fought and got it back. thank you for your support. there is a couple things i really want to talk about and we have speakers that will touch on it in depth. one thing i have been hearing in
11:12 pm
the community is there a certain this place will be exclusive to one segment of the neighborhood oppose today opening up for everyone. there mayors staff and i have taken careful steps to insure that this is go tog be a location for everyone. the viz valley community has a very rich history they share with
11:13 pm
multiple cultures and this community we need to come together, we will come together and this is a space that is going bring us together. i like to bring up sharine mac faden from department of adult-dos, what is that? aging and adult services. she will talk about the senior programming. she will talk about the rfp process. i want to make sure the space is utilized from morning to sunset. why don't you come up and share with us your vision. [applause] >> the folks at the door, why
11:14 pm
don't you come in. there is space along this wall. come on in. come in. it is a fire hazard for everyone to block the exist door so i need everyone to come in and not block the exist. >> good morning everyone. so i'm delighted to see this room full. i can't believe it. last time i came in this room was empty and still being worked on and can't believe
11:15 pm
because that was about a month ago, i can't believe everybody pulled this off. but i'm really delighted to see all of the senior citizens in the room today and just ask if you are a senior citizen and proud of that fact, if you can just raise your hands. that is fantastic. one thing i want to say before i talk about the process here is aging is all about living. and i'm so happy
11:16 pm
and think all are so happy we have a mayor ed lee and a beard of supervisors today led by supervisor cohen who really support aging is all about living. so we envision great things to happen here and i just want to start by thanking annie chung who is ceo of self help for the elderly because self help for the elder when we ask them to, jumped to come in here and start the meal
11:17 pm
services and to start some activities. i just want to thank annie chung and her team for asking so quickly. [applause] i also like to thank [inaudible] and apacc and his team for the services they have been providing for over many years here. and i also like to thank amor saunt augo and apa for being a fantastic master tenant and thinking about services for seniors and
11:18 pm
children and everyone between. [applause] and i like to thank my colleague mu aria sue from department of children and families because i think we will have a great partnership. i just quickly want to say we started serveish meals self help started service meals september one and we are serving generally speaking 80 meals a day here. today i think we had more like 150 but that may be because we have celebrities here today. in
11:19 pm
addition to the meals we have activities here offered by both apacc and self help for the elderly and those include things like, karaoke and dancing and exercise classes. but in addition to that, department of aging and adult services have just put out a
11:20 pm
informal bid for more services and so we are looking for organization to apply to us so they can provide more services in this building because as mayor lee said, we want the building to be used from morning to night. sqump and i just want to reiterate what supervisor cohen and mayor lee said, this building is everyone. visitation valley has a rich and diverse history and so when we look at the proposals when they come in we will look for really strong
11:21 pm
partnerships to make sure we are serving all the community. so i just want toened my reminding you aging is all about living. [applause] >> thank you there are a few community partners i want to acknowledge. i want to recognize our outstanding police department, the ingleside station in particular that patrols the streets of visitation valley. we have
11:22 pm
officers here with us. thank you vaer much for being here sfpd, we appreciate you. i also want to recognize department of real estate that was this incredibly instrumental helping negotiate the property and want to acknowledge john gaven from department of real estate. and finally, i also want to recognize adembly men david chiu, he is where us every step of the way when a member the board of sfr visor squz now a representative for saf san francisco and sacramento. he has two staff persons here who probably don't need
11:23 pm
introduction mr. chan and [inaudible] the next person i like to introduce is dr. maria sioux who is the director of department called department of children, youth and families. she is considered the expert here in san francisco when it comes to early childhood education and programming, summer program. dr. sue will help us program the space for our children. [applause]ue who
11:24 pm
is the director of department called department of children, youth and families. she is considered the expert here in san francisco when it comes to early childhood education and programming, summer program. dr. sue will help us program the space for our children. [applause] >> good morning everyone. i'm maria and thank you so much for visor cohen for that generous introduction. so today is a wonderful day. i remember 3 years ago standing here with mayor lee and supervisor cohen when they made a promise to this community and their promise was that, we have to close the doors of 66 raymond today, three years ago, we will come back and make this place better, safer, more engaging and for everyone. today they have succeeded. so thank you so much to supervisor cohen and mayor lee for holding and
11:25 pm
keeping your promise to the community. [applause] it has take an while to get here, we are here. i am so happy to be partnering with other city departments, brother and sisters to make the programs here and facilities here as bright and as brilliant as the people who live in this
11:26 pm
community. so you already heard about all the wonderful program s that will come here for the seniors. let me share all the other wonderful programs we have here for the children, youth and families.
11:27 pm
we have over at 50 raymond two amazing amazing partners. first is cross cultural family services and they run a very high quality preschool program and we jointly fund that program with first 5 san francisco, the human services age and department of children, xhoo youth and families. so,
11:28 pm
cross cultural also runs an after school program for us and it is also available to all our families here as well as lots of other programs within the visitation valley. thank you mayor lee. so, we also have apa family services and we are very grateful to have amore san tiaugo here. a pa runs the resource center also open to resident in the visitation valley community. let me tell
11:29 pm
you about a couple new things we will be doing, more things we will ing bring into this facility and visitation valley community in general. first, we will be partnering with first 5 san francisco department of human-human services agency and our department to release a joint rfp which is competitive process to put more family services and family support programs here in the community.
11:30 pm
and then, dcys in july 2017 will release our big rfp for children, youth and family services and that's to provide funding for non-profit agencies to run after school programs, teen programs, youth workforce programs, health and wellness programs and overall violence prevention programs. i
11:31 pm
remember when i was in this community talking to the board of dbcc several years ago and they said to me, we will hold you dcyf accountable to making sure that whatever it that you do to help the community thrive you need to make sure we do tit more in visitation valley and with more commitment and dedication from our staff and i want to share i'm delivering on that promisement . we will allocate funding to visitation valley community and-air yae than other places in the city because we believe the need in visitation valley is really
11:32 pm
great. we also believe that everyone in visitation valley deserves to have access to high quality programs and services so we can all as a community thrive and be amazing and do better because san francisco, we believe that it is great place to be and to grow up here and let's do this together. [applause] thank you.
11:33 pm
>> we are all most done with our program. i like to bring up to the microphone, mrs. luvon king, she a long time viz valley resident and community activist and leader. mrs. luvon king. >> good morning. my name is luvon king and i moved into this neighborhood 40 years ago. i had a 6 year old and a 2 year old. my husband and my
11:34 pm
younger brother had been killed . a purchased my first home, it was 4 bedrooms, 2 and a half baths. when people would knock on the door i would open the door and they would say, where is your mommy. and i would
11:35 pm
reply, i am the mommy. now, my 2 year old is 47 years old and she works with the san francisco police department. and my son still needs a lot of love and prayer from all of us. and this center supplied groceries next door, provided childcare. we came in here and had classes and had fun and did dancing and art work so this is a rich history for me i'm a miracle that is happy to be
11:36 pm
proud of it. i'm honored to be here today and we will continue to mix and mingle. there is no little i's and big u's we are all one big family. you's we are all one big family. this facility has supervisor cohen said is open to everyone. we want to you to spread the word. there are services for seniors. i'm a senior citizen and malia cohen called me grandmaand i just happen to be nana and happen to be 70 years old and i feel great.
11:37 pm
[applause] and thank you all very much. [applause] >> okay, laink ladies and gentlemen i want to say thank you for joining us. we have refreshments we are honored to sirfb you as a token our our appreciation for your patient
11:38 pm
and kindness and remember today is a celebration for a new beginning and new birth right here at 66 reaened. raymond. thank you very much , have a wonderful day. and before we conclude our program, we will have a ribbon cutting ceremony and i like to bring up our recorder campen carmen chiu for a short presentation. >> [speaking chinese]
11:39 pm
>> i'll keep my remarks brief. i want to come out here to say, a lot of the wurk we do bring revenue in is make sure we are able to provide for services like this. for us, being able to provide service for seniors is so important. you raise us when we were liting it is important for us to take care of you as we are able to. [speaking chinese] [applause]
11:40 pm
11:41 pm
5, 4, 3, 2, 1! [cheers and applause]
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as a society we've basically failed big portion of our population if you think about the basics of food, shelter safety a lot of people don't have any of those i'm mr. cookie can't speak for all the things but i know say, i have ideas how we can address
11:53 pm
the food issue. >> open the door and walk through that don't just stand looking out. >> as they grew up in in a how would that had access to good food and our parent cooked this is how you feed yours this is not happening in our country this is a huge pleasure i'm david one of the co-founder so about four year ago we worked with the serviced and got to know the kid one of the things we figured out was that they didn't know how to cook. >> i heard about the cooking school through the larkin academy a. >> their noting no way to feed themselves so they're eating a lot of fast food and i usually eat whatever safeway is near my
11:54 pm
home a lot of hot food i was excited that i was eating lunch enough instead of what and eat. >> as i was inviting them over teaching them basic ways to fix good food they were so existed. >> particle learning the skills and the food they were really go it it turned into the is charity foundation i ran into my friend we were talking about this this do you want to run this charity foundations and she said, yes. >> i'm a co-found and executive director for the cooking project our best classes participation for 10 students are monday they're really fun their chief
11:55 pm
driven classes we have a different guest around the city they're our stand alone cola's we had a series or series still city of attorney's office style of classes our final are night life diners. >> santa barbara shall comes in and helps us show us things and this is one the owners they help us to socialize and i've been here about a year. >> we want to be sure to serve as many as we can. >> the san francisco cooking school is an amazing amazing partner. >> it is doing that in that space really elevates the space for the kids special for the chief that make it easy for them to come and it really makes the experience pretty special.
11:56 pm
>> i'm sutro sue set i'm a chief 2, 3, 4 san francisco. >> that's what those classes afford me the opportunity it breakdown the barriers and is this is not scary this is our choice about you many times this is a feel good what it is that you give them is an opportunity you have to make it seem like it's there for them for the taking show them it is their and they can do that. >> hi, i'm antonio the chief in san francisco. >> the majority of kids at that age in order to get them into food they need to see something simple and the evidence will show and easy to produce i want to make sure that people can do it with a bowl and spoon and burner and one pan.
11:57 pm
>> i like is the receipts that are simple and not feel like it's a burden to make foods the cohesives show something eased. >> i go for vera toilet so someone can't do it or its way out of their range we only use 6 ingredients i can afford 6 ingredient what good is showing you them something they can't use but the sovereignties what are you going to do more me you're not successful. >> we made a vegetable stir-fry indicators he'd ginger and onion that is really affordable how to balance it was easy to make the food we present i loved it if i
11:58 pm
having had access to a kitchen i'd cook more. >> some of us have never had a kitchen not taught how to cookie wasn't taught how to cook. >> i have a great appreciation for programs that teach kids food and cooking it is one of the healthiest positive things you can communicate to people that are very young. >> the more programs like the cooking project in general that can have a positive impact how our kids eat is really, really important i believe that everybody should venting to utilize the kitchen and meet other kids their age to identify they're not alone and their ways in which to pick
11:59 pm
yours up and move forward that. >> it is really important to me the opportunity exists and so i do everything in my power to keep it that. >> we'll have our new headquarters in the heart of the tenderloin at taylor and kushlg at the end of this summer 2014 we're really excited. >> a lot of the of the conditions in san francisco they have in the rest of the country so our goal to 257bd or expand out of the san francisco in los angeles and then after that who know. >> we'd never want to tell people want to do or eat only provide the skills and the tools in case that's something people are 2rrd in doing. >> you can't buy a box of psyche you have to put them in
12:00 am
the right vein and direction with the right kids with a right place address time those kids don't have this you have to instill they can do it they're good enough now to finding out figure out and find the future for


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